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Devil Survivor Mugs and Glass Tumbler

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Devil Survivor Mugs and Glass Tumbler

Devil Survivor fans will soon be able to buy themed black and white mugs from March onwards or go for a customisable glass tumbler in April. There's nothing much to say about the mugs but, the glass holds 320ml of liquid and has a rubber bottom to prevent it from sliding off slippy surfaces. It can also handle temperatures between 90 ~ -30C but isn't microwavable.

Have to get this glass. I'm sure the guys won't mind me sitting with them with a big pink glass in the campus cafeteria...

Devil Survivor goods.

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Xcomp Author

Not sure if it's real glass or plastic glass...




I don't mind using the plastic container with the cover, if Yuzu's on it. Nor would I refrain from using it in public. =D