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Persona PSP Review

This remake of the first PS1 Persona game “Revelations: Persona” begins at St. Hermelin High School with the MC and a group of friends betting in a classroom whether they can see the future or not. They try to summon Persona through a ceremony and a few of them are knocked out. When they go to visit their classmate Maki at the hospital, a brief but powerful earthquake is felt and the whole town is filled with demons. Fortunately, they find themselves with the power to summon Personas to their aid ever since the dream they had during that ceremony. They find themselves in another world and must hunt down a man named Kandori to find out how to get back.

Revelations Persona Remake

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Persona PSP Opening and Ending Lyrics

Still finishing the different branches in Persona PSP but I’ve already taken a liking to the music for some time.

Some notes Meguro made about these compositions is that he was aiming for the same pop style used in Persona 3/4 so that players who are playing this game because of those titles will feel more at home. He also wanted to experiment with the music to show how two-sided Persona is. For example, in the opening he starts off with some light pop before moving onto the intense beat of rock. Then there’s also some switching between English and Japanese in the lyrics.

Some of those approaches aren’t done for the first time to be honest. “Burn My Dread” mixed pop and rock together too.

On another note, it’s interesting how the lyricist for these two main theme songs also wrote the lyrics for Persona Trinity Soul’s first opening “Breakin’ Through” although I personally didn’t really like that song.

Well anyway, lets hope the European release of the game will get the free pre-order two disc soundtrack that America’s going to get!

Persona OST

Dream of Butterfly

Lyrics: Masao Komori
Composition: Shoji Meguro
Vocals: Yumi Kawamura


Dream of a butterfly, or is life a dream?
Don’t wanna wake up, coz I’m happier here

I was glad just to have you by my side
It was the only reality I needed

But it was all just a dream
Swaying and dissolving like bubbles in the dark ocean
When I woke up, no one was really there

There is nothing certain
Reaching for the shimmering shape in vain
That, I know is true in this place

What should I believe in to live on in this ever changing world?

I’m drowning (I can’t believe in you)
in sadness (but I cannot forget you)
calling out as I saw you (I will dig up my faith)
that night (and march on)

I believed (I cannot see ahead)
that it’s because (but I can’t keep standing still)
you are by my side (So I will close my eyes)
that I could grow strong (and march on)

I was afraid (Can’t lay the blame on you)
of sadness (but I cannot forgive you)
crying as I called out to you (So drenched up in rain)
that day (I’ll march on)

I realised (I cannot face the sun)
my weaknesses (but I cannot dream at night)
are because of you (So under the moonlight)
They all are (I’ll march on)

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Persona PSP, No More Frustrating Navigation Controls

Meguro has been helping improve the quality of a ending theme song for a “certain project” but has managed to find time to post about more of the changes that will appear in the Persona PSP remake due in a week’s time.

  • Two control schemes during “adventure mode”; The D-pad works the same frustrating way the original PSX game did while the analogue stick will now allow you to move corresponding to the way the MC’s facing.
  • You can run by holding down the X button now, a common feature of all RPGs these days.
  • Save files will show the MC’s name and level etc. The bug that showed the name of the place where you saved as the room name when you load is fixed.
  • A handy spell and item will let you return to the dungeon entrance instantly unless you’re in the middle of an event.
  • Most of the BGM tracks have been kept within 500KB to help speed up loading times. This limit also means most of the re-composed tracks are just around 1 minute long.

So I guess that’s another reason why the soundtrack is being given away for free this time.


He also mentions you might be able to catch different BGMs each day if you click on the butterfly flying around on the official site

Persona PSP Opening

The opening for Atlus’ upcoming remake of Persona is up on their site now so you can hear a bit more of the theme song than what’s available in the sample music section of the site. Wasn’t going to post about it because I’m sure most people who are interested already check the site frequently. Lots of eyes!

I don’t think they’ve revealed who the vocalist is yet but I’m still fairly certain it’s Yumi Kawamura from P3 providing those powerful vocals. Been listening to the samples several times now so can’t wait to hear the full sound track!

Persona PSP OP

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PSP Cache Helps with Persona PSP Battle Loading Times

Director Meguro has a sample UMD of the upcoming Persona PSP remake and he reports that the loading time seems to shorten for battle encounters if you have a PSP-2000 or newer. Starting off with 5 seconds for the first battle, the loading time gradually decreases to 2 seconds in later encounters. Most likely because of the cache memory added to the newer PSP models.

As for the features that aim to help make levelling a little less laborious, there is the “auto” option to help repeat commands given. Here Meguro gives out commands for the first turn, then turns on auto at the third turn. The battle ended in just over 1 minute. And if you turn on the new option of skipping battle animation too, that time can be cut down to as far as a quarter of its length of 15 seconds. It varies depending on the enemies and party member levels of course and in this case, the MC was at level 14.

Shoji Meguro Developer's Diary Vol. 4

Fast enough? I don’t know because I never played the original but, I guess I’m going to have to bear with the slower loading times on my first gen PSP.