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Persona PSP Official Site Open

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Persona PSP Official Site Open

In case the Persona fans amongst you don't know already, the official website for the PSP remake of Persona Revelations is now open, complete with a video showing off a bit of gameplay footage and the new Anime scenes.

Persona PSP Official Site

The video opens up with a reference to The Butterfly Dream, "One day, I dreamt I became a butterfly." Not looking too bad so far. I like the look of the school suddenly freezing over.

Since I haven't heard the soundtrack, I don't know if I would go ahead and pre-order it for the freebie. I wonder who the singer for the theme song is? What I can say is, it definitely sounds Meguro.

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agrees with Pici, that singer sounds suspiciously like Yumi Kawamura :D




o_O Oh my god. That's the same music from here: http://www.atlusnet.jp/topic/detail/785

I knew that sounded familiar. XDD



Silver moon arisato

O_O i must check that !!!!




that's definately Yumi Kawamura, too!
great that there's ANOTHER new song by her <3