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Persona 5 Official Design Works Artbook Review

2016.03.30 Update
– Added translation of the interview.

2016.04.04 Note
Day Persona 5 officially gets released in West! A book has also appeared on Amazon US called “The Art of Persona 5” by Prima Games which might be a localised version of this book so you might want to hold out until June 27th. However, it’s thinner at only 432 pages so we’ll have to wait and see…

2016.06.27 Note
Prima Games version of the artbook delayed until September 26th.

Persona 5 Official Design Works is one big heavy artbook… Probably the biggest I’ve seen at 512 A4 pages, 1.6kg. It reminds me of the the free telephone directories that are distributed to homes in the UK but, the paper and print quality’s much better of course. Shows how much thought went into the game and why it’s oozing with quality, enough to play through a second time to platinum it.

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Persona 5 Platinum Trophy Guide

Usually game series get mundane after so many titles but Atlus pretty much took Persona 5 to a new level and refined it so much it’s worth a second playthrough. So here is a guide on how to get the Platinum trophy while you’re at it.

The trophies are pretty much similar to Persona 4 Golden but might actually be easier thanks to new features like skill bonuses you get from Confidants, the new name for social links in Persona 5.

You’ll need a minimum of 2 playthroughs for the platinum trophy since some of the conditions can only be satisfied then.

This guide was written based on my own translations of the Japanese game and not the official English translations.

2017.03.28 Update
Since the English version seems to be leaked to some people before the official release date, I’m slowly updating this guide to use the official trophy translations.

2017.04.04 Update
Game officially out in the West today. Hurrah! Now updated all trophy, book and request names with the official English names.

2017.04.05 Update
Added some tips on raising social stats.

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Atlus Katsura Hashino Says No Persona 4 Portable? | アトラス橋野かつらは「ペルソナ4ポータブルが開発しない」と?| Atlus橋野説「不會開發Persona 4 Portable」?

Kita-san spotted a 4 page Persona 3 Portable interview with Atlus Persona game director, Katsura Hashino in this April’s issue of Dengeki Playstation with some interesting details in it…

When asked about the next Persona title that they are about to start, Hashino made no comment whether it was Persona 5 or on which platform it will be other than it will have new features.

However, in answer to fans hoping for a Persona 4 Portable, he comments that they will not be producing it unless they can find some method of including certain content that they couldn’t when they developed P3P. Maybe he means the realtime 3D cutscenes that were in the original PS2 game but were removed in the portable version?

He goes on that if they did indeed produce P4P, there would be some sort of cross-over in it with other games which, I presume means that they would have some P3P cameos as Atlus tradition goes.

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The Petition for Persona 5 Begins

Persona 4 came out Friday in the US and Europe will be getting it soon too in Spring so, what better time to talk about Persona 5 now eh?

I don’t think there’s really a need for a P5 petition because I’m sure Atlus will be continuing the series for a long time. I remember seeing a chart where they stated they’re increasing their investment in the series as well as Trauma Centre.

That said, someone by the name of Femto has submitted one on Friday, asking for P5 to be developed for the PS2.

Suggestions for Persona 5

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