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Atlus Katsura Hashino Says No Persona 4 Portable?

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Atlus Katsura Hashino Says No Persona 4 Portable?

Kita-san spotted a 4 page Persona 3 Portable interview with Atlus Persona game director, Katsura Hashino in this April's issue of Dengeki Playstation with some interesting details in it...

When asked about the next Persona title that they are about to start, Hashino made no comment whether it was Persona 5 or on which platform it will be other than it will have new features.

However, in answer to fans hoping for a Persona 4 Portable, he comments that they will not be producing it unless they can find some method of including certain content that they couldn't when they developed P3P. Maybe he means the realtime 3D cutscenes that were in the original PS2 game but were removed in the portable version?

He goes on that if they did indeed produce P4P, there would be some sort of cross-over in it with other games which, I presume means that they would have some P3P cameos as Atlus tradition goes.

By saying they won't produce P4P, I think he's pretty bluntly stating that the next Persona title will indeed be Persona 5. Also... I don't see why they can't develop the game on two UMDs if there's a space issue just like what Falcom did with their Legend of Heroes VI Second Chapter RPG?

In any case, I'm hoping it won't be for the PS3 because it would be another major reason for me to buy the console. I highly doubt they would make a Persona game with real life-like graphics, though ^^;

And while we're on the subject of Atlus' Persona series, let me remind you a Persona 4 Drama CD Vol. 3 will be released on May 26th - Just in case you missed it on my Twitter and don't know already! Look out for the goods on Play-Asia if you're interested.

The last volume 2 drama was hilarious even though it had your typical "girls can't cook" Anime/Manga scenario.

This time, the drama is set in the year 2011 autumn. The gang is having a study group together at the MC's house. While studying, they start to question why do they study? The school sports festival is also coming up and they wonder why they bother with that too when their classmates' motivation are as low as their own.

Cue "Signs of Love" track from the OST.

I guess this issue with motivation is something everyone goes through sometime, not just with school so it will be interesting to listen. Personally I think studying helps expand our skills, helps us get closer to achieving our goals and allows us to take better care of ourselves and others.

As for this sports festival event... I think it's creating memories and spending time with others.

Well, until the next bit of Persona news!

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I really wish they make a P4P because really? All of the Persona games I played were on PSP. Not fair for some of us. It came out on PS3 and I went crazy since I dont have that console yet x-x



Honey Badger

I just really want to see a P4, whether portable or ps2 console with a female main character.

That was my absolute favorite part about P3P. It was like playing a whole new game, which is the draw of the game to begin with.

If they made P4P, with a FeMC, I would be all over it the minute it came out. Just like with P3P.

At the moment, I'm even unsure whether I'd rather have P4P, or P5, as I feel more and more doubtful that they are even working on it, or that I might like it. Especially if they go and release it for PS2 or PSP.




please make p4 for us.. im begging you guyz..>.<




I'm so phuked up, I completed all games in my psp my life now is an empty void the only thing I do is play p3p now It's over I realy want P4P if not I might die of boredom




Yeah I Recently completed P3P it was the best game I Ever played, I have P3FES But I could not play It much because I'm out a lot so I really want P4P




Now they have NO EXCUSE AT ALL NOT TO MAKE IT! The PS Vita can definitely handle the game, and space isn't an issue. I want them to do a full well done remake and release it in a timely fashion soon after Vita hits the market in the US. But this thing is so powerful they could just port it to Vita and it would work no problem. So now Atlus has NO EXCUSE!



LHY Author

Even if they're too busy working on P5 for the PS3? =D

But why not... quick cash in, little work so good from a business point of view.




i hope its on ps3 they did a good job on catherine thats just one step closer to persona 5




So many wants and needs yet, none are taken to Atlus directly. Lets just say they wont change their minds unless they see something like this posted "In front of their faces".




Persona 4 Portable would be absolutely uh-may-zinggg<3




I so agree with the P4P supporters!
I mean...I didn't know how awesome Persona was until I played P3P because it was convenient and I could basically play it anywhere and put it on sleep mode and stuff since I have to fight my bros for the TV for the PS2! If they made P4P it would be so awesome...so PLEASE!




another thing I would like the ability to do is have homosexual relationships. There's enough clues and hints in the games, y'know? Do it for the people, make us happy.




Good lord, I would LOVE a P4P. P3P was so much fun and I would love if they would make a P4P with a female MC option, just like in P3P. I need an excuse to get into Kanji's pants. :| hahaha But seriously, Atlus, do it. I was 100% okay with P3P, you don't need to make it different. Just do it. <3




I don't think P4P has a space issue. It's probably because in P4, the game involves a very large amount of 3d cutscenes. In P3 they had already removed a lot of those cutscenes which is quite depressing as it is, but P4 has much more, and would ultimately ruin the game if just displayed as on screen dialogue.




I'm the kind of person who spends all of my free time playing PSP because I have to sit in places (mainly my job) for hours with nothing to do. Having P4P would be great for something like that. I've already logged in hundreds of hours on P3P and I still haven't had a chance to play P4 because I don't have time to play games when I'm at home...:(




Uhm, I say MAKE A P4P especially for people who don't have a PS2.
Yeah, I'm one of those people /:




Definitely voting for P4P. I would buy even 10 copies... just make it so.



Volkner Agate

the reason i want a p4p is before i realized the game was awesome it became one of the rarest games to get, i really want to play it but i jsut cant, which is why i am hoping for p4p




please make a p4p since i dont have ps2 ps1 ps3..




yeah, P4P would be cool. female souji?haha...they would at least add new skills or personas in P4P....really hoping for this!!!!go ATLUS...




I think they should remake it for the 3DS. It would be awesome to play it in 3D. I wouldn't want P5 on 3DS that should be on PS3.




Pleaaaaaaaaaaseeee Make a P4P,I'd Kill to get one and im sure other people feel the same




I'm with you! Please make P4P, Atlus! Vewy pweaaase!



Mico jadiel perdigon

i agree if they didn't make P4P many persona fans
will be so angry and the might stop supporting persona games




This is absolutely ridiculous.

I don't even know why I'm honoring a response to this guy, but what he just said is absolutely retarded.

Listen, er. Kid. "Persona" fans? Try "Shin Megami Tensei" fans, first and foremost.

And secondly, why would we "stop supporting Persona games"? Don't include the real fans in the same bag as you. The only reason YOU people want the game on the PSP to begin with is to get it easily with a hacked PSP - Don't even try to mask it out, this is mainly the reason why US and EU is losing up to wonderful games like Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

Now that I've said my piece, buh-bye.




Even though it may not be needed, people keep pushing the development of P4P because they enjoyed the original. They would like to be able to play P4 "on the go" and would especially like it if it were to have some new content and scenario's.




A P4P isn't need, why do people keep insisting on it to be made? What's with this massive outcry for remakes? I'd rather they just move on.




I really want them to make Persona 4 Portable even if they have to use 2 UMDs. The game needs to be on PSP. And so does the upcoming Persona 5, even if they make it for PS3. It's essential that all Persona games on PS2 are on PSP. But it would be cool if Persona 5, despite being made for PS3 was made for PSP.