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Chinglish…? Isn’t Bad English Called Engrish? | チングリシ?下手な英語はイングリシではない?| Chinglish? 差的英語不是Engrish?

According to the news the recession is over but while walking about in town, I found another big retailer Borders closing down which had been running for many years now. So we’ve had three big long running stores closing down here now – Virgin Megastores, Woolworths and now Borders.

根據新聞經濟旳衰退己勁過了但在巿中心時看見又有一間大型老商店Borders結業。至今已有三間大型老商店結業了 – Virgin Megastores, Woolworths和現在的Borders。

ニュースによって経済不況はもう終わっていますが、町中で歩きながらまた大きなお店「Borders」が閉ざされるところ。こういう閉ざされたお店はもう三つ – Virgin Megastores, Woolworthsで今はBorders。

Going to be a while before things are looking up in the economy I think.



Borders closes.

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A Stroll Through Greenbank Garden | グリーンバンク花園 | Greenbank花園

Hmmm, seems I’ve been visiting a lot of parks and gardens lately ^^;

Greenbank Garden is apparently marked as another tourist spot in Glasgow but also a member of the National Trust for Scotland – One of the many places that are being run or preserved by the organisation and if you’re not a member of the club, you have to pay to get in.

As small as it may seem when they hand you a little guide, there’s quite a lot of detail to take in.

GlasgowのGreenbank Garden (グリーンバンク花園) です。入ったことないですが、グラスゴーの観光地の一つらしい。


Greenbank Garden

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A Stroll Around Glasgow Green

Never been to the East End of Glasgow before and I’m pretty sure my parents never brought me here either. I decided to take a look when I saw a sign pointing to “Glasgow Green” park while hunting for interesting places to practice my photography skills.

I have to say it looks very plain arriving from the west entrance. There’s the old McLennan Arch, a small playground for kids and a large open space.

At Glasgow Green.

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A Stroll Around The Museum of Transport

Another place I’ve never been in before but the sound of old transport sounded like it would be an interesting place to get used to my DSLR and lens. Entering the Glasgow Museum of Transport, which is about a 5 to 10 minutes walk from Glasgow University, this set up caught my eye.

Makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time, doesn’t it?

Back in time.

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Merchant City Festival 2009 Parade

The annual Merchant City Festival 2009 just ended yesterday and it also happened to be the first time I attended. It was a good opportunity to give my DSLR a whirl. Fortunately, it wasn’t raining so I managed to get some shots during Saturday’s parade.

The parade was gathering at Nelson Mandela place and the police were already there to keep order.

Parade gathering at Nelson Mandela Place.

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