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The New "Squiggly Bridge" in Glasgow


The New "Squiggly Bridge" in Glasgow

They finally completed and opened up the new "squiggly bridge" (it's yet to be officially named) while I was away in HK. The shape is supposed to look like that of waves. I guess the engineer never imagined it would be used as a slide when he/she designed it.

The "Squiggly Bridge"

Went to have a closer look and I found a lot of slide marks down the slopes in the middle. Fairly much inevitable when they're so big and wide like this.

It can be used as a slide...

Other than that, it should extend the Clyde Bridges Heritage Trail for tourists which consists of just over twenty bridges now. Not a bad place to sit around since the SECC end has no seats.

New and clean.

Here's what it still looked like...

Just a few months ago...

Several months back in October.

Not there yet.

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