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A Stroll Around Glasgow, Christmas 2008

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A Stroll Around Glasgow, Christmas 2008

Decided to take some photos of the Christmas festivities while out in town. Most of the ones you find here were taken over the weekend but because some of them didn't turn out so well, I had to use others I took earlier in the month.

Where could this be?

Prince's Square

Located on Buchanan Street, Prince's Square is quite an exquisite place. I can't remember the last time I was in but I do recall it was a different Christmas tree.

Prince's Square

For some reason, it seems lots of households are choosing single coloured lights for decoration this year.

Round to the stairs.

I think stores all over the world are making big cuts this year because of the recession just to encourage people to spend. There are all sorts of goods in here from the moderately priced items to £1200 pens.


Close-up of one of the lamps. They dimmed the lighting quite a bit during this evening.

It's really a staff.

Nice spiralling staircase. There's a fountain at the bottom of each one and coins can be seen in them, thrown in by people making wishes.

Spiralling down.

Out we go...


You'll recognise the place from a distance at night because you can see the big peacock at the top.

Giant peacock ahead!

Buchanan Street

A little drizzle in the weekend before Christmas time this week.

Buchanan Street

A window display at the department store, House of Fraser. We can't miss the magical castle and classic toys at Christmas time now, can we?

Can't miss out magical castles.

Dr. Who! Actually, the police box isn't officially in use by the authorities anymore. It's now just being used as a little stall for hot drinks.

Blue lights, blue police box.

Buchanan Galleries in the distance. Enjoying the blue street lights so far?

Blue all the way.

The last time I took a picture with my camera phone inside they had a security guard tracking me down in the food court warning me not to take photos so, I'll probably be more noticeable with a proper camera this time... Better keep away.

Buchanan Galleries

George Square

Making my way back down we hit George Square where all the big Christmas decorations can be found. Usually you can see the monuments and statues like this one of Scottish poet, Thomas Campbell here easily although there's the odd event too sometimes.

Statue of Thomas Campbell

This year they seem to have a bigger budget planned for Christmas. They have most of the area fenced off and only letting people in through a limited number of gates. They even have toilets set up this time.

Enter here.

Outdoor bars and a stage too... Looks like they have a whole set of activities lined up for this Winter Festival.

It's a Wonderfest!

Next to it a cool looking van promoting Real Radio. Too bad I don't really listen to radio.

Nice promo.

Lovely Christmas tree but also a very familiar one.

Xmas Tree

I wonder if any little kid ever climbed in there thinking those were real presents... Then again if they did, they would surely also believe in Santa and that he only gives presents to the well behaved too.

Big presents!

Besides people taking pictures with their camera phones, there was a number of photographers with their DSLR cameras. Most had tri-pods but none of them used the built-in flash. I think it's because it can over-expose some objects and don't capture the light in a natural way. That's why I didn't use flash either.

I'd also like to point out how many people actually stopped in their tracks or ducked while I was going around taking photos. It shows how nice the people are around here but it can also be quite awkward and funny at the same time!

Now we need snow.

Next to it we have the Santa's Grotto. Quite a queue at the other end. Why wait for him to come through the chimney when you can visit him here?

Santa dropped by for a visit.

What could these people be viewing?

What's over here?

It's the scene in Bethlehem.

Birth of baby Jesus.

The familiar ice rink where everyone skates in one direction. Would be easier for me because I can't really ice skate ^^;

Can you ice skate?

Some familiar amusement rides too...

Amusement rides.

I should probably try one of the angus burgers.

Plenty of fast food.

Passing by the Scottish inventor James Watt as I leave the square.

Statue of James Watt

Royal Exchange Square

Continuing down we reach the Gallery of Modern Art which is free entry and is just behind the Borders store near the police box I showed earlier.

Gallery of Modern Art

The Duke's "hat" was gone when I last checked on the weekend... Might be because of the gales picking up here again. Luckily I had shot a picture before it was stolen!

Nice hat.

I like the nets of lights they have up. Gazing up looks like stars in the night sky.

Starlit sky?

Quite a number of people stop to admire the sight when the weather's a bit drier.

Royal Exchange Square

Some good looking restaurants around here.

Eating out.

Argyle Street

Continuing down to Argyle Street where a bigger variety of familiar little stalls are open for Christmas.

Argyle Street

"Sweet Dreams" - Nice name. So many giant chocolate covered, heart shaped cookies dangling at the counter you can hardly see the staff behind them! And since it's Glasgow, we have to show some support for our local football teams Rangers and Celtic of course - even in food.

Just happened to have a Rangers match on when I was out shooting these pictures so, there were fans waving their strips and singing out loud. Quite cool and helps raise the atmosphere when they're not causing trouble. I've never actually seen the riots that I see so much on the news but, that's for the best. There is the odd bit of trouble when a few fans might start a fight but not on the same scale here.

Sweet Dreams

These close-up shots didn't turn out too well because of the zoom but, you can still make out what's on sale.

Yummy! Cashew nuts!

You can just make out the Marzipan Potatoes tray is pretty much emptied.

Natural fruit covered in chocolate.

Tasty! They don't count how many are in the cone shaped bags. They just weigh them.

Marzipan Potatoes

Selling all sorts of items you would probably have a hard time finding normally.

Moving on...

An outdoor bar down here too.

Outdoor bar.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village available at Zavvi. Seems to be sold out in a lot of places and the demand continues.

Zavvi ad for Professor Layton.

They did a nice job with the European box art. Very classy. Not sure if the solutions in my guide for the Japanese version works with the English version of the game. But anyway...

Professor Layton and The Curious Village

Some more hot food on offer in this cold but festively lit evening.

Lets get a santa hat!

And The Rest...

A few other photos I didn't know what to put under. The Christmas shopping crowd seems to be bigger during the day but of course, none of the lights can be seen.

Christmas shopping crowds.

Not sure who these people were but they were handing out free bottles of Irn Brus as part of the festivities. I never noticed they had someone recording in the background until I checked this photo. Wonder what they'll be using it for...

Free Irn Bru!

Looks like someone left their bottle on a seat.

Someone left their present.

Everyone in the UK will probably know about the old Woolworths chain stores closing down and will be gone by the start of next year which is why they're having these closing down sales. Half price toys all swept up in no time.

The staff blame it on poor management according to the newspapers and I can't say I disagree because they lose out in a number of areas to the rest of the competition...

  • The chain store has quite an out-dated image.
  • Selection of goods they have on sale in-store isn't that impressive.
  • Prices are usually at the full RRP.

Still, it's never a good thing when people are losing jobs.

Woolworths stores going soon.

Well, hope you'll all be enjoying the festivities and holidays if not already!

Merry Christmas!

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Happy Holidays Xcomp!

=) Looks like you're having fun taking pictures and being surrounded by xmas lights @o@



Maku tama

wow~it so happening! the Christmas tree at the prince's square is beautiful and unique! oh oh and I can see Borders at the Buchanan Street >_< and the Professor Layton and the Curious Village Euro box art is so nice~ classy indeed ^^