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Rebuild of Evangelion 1.01 Movie The Game

From June 4th, you can experience the Rebuild world of Evangelion on your PSP or PS2. “Rebuild of Evangelion 1.01” fairly much looks like the existing Bandai games available for the two consoles where you can interact with the characters during your everyday life as Shinji as the story progresses with multi-branching scenarios.

Evangelion 1.01 PSP

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PSP Cache Helps with Persona PSP Battle Loading Times

Director Meguro has a sample UMD of the upcoming Persona PSP remake and he reports that the loading time seems to shorten for battle encounters if you have a PSP-2000 or newer. Starting off with 5 seconds for the first battle, the loading time gradually decreases to 2 seconds in later encounters. Most likely because of the cache memory added to the newer PSP models.

As for the features that aim to help make levelling a little less laborious, there is the “auto” option to help repeat commands given. Here Meguro gives out commands for the first turn, then turns on auto at the third turn. The battle ended in just over 1 minute. And if you turn on the new option of skipping battle animation too, that time can be cut down to as far as a quarter of its length of 15 seconds. It varies depending on the enemies and party member levels of course and in this case, the MC was at level 14.

Shoji Meguro Developer's Diary Vol. 4

Fast enough? I don’t know because I never played the original but, I guess I’m going to have to bear with the slower loading times on my first gen PSP.

Ys I & II Chronicles PSP Remake

Well, we’ve had a remake of Ys I and II for the DS so it shouldn’t be surprising that the PSP will be getting its own version too. Announced together with Ys VII, “Ys I & II Chronicles” will feature the following:

  • Four difficulty levels – Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare
  • Choose PSP or Windows version in-game illustrations.
  • Boss Rush Mode.
  • Choose from the original PC-8801, Windows or PSP music.
  • NPCs’ dialogue changes.

Not sure I would play the titles again just for these features. Unlike Chrono Trigger, the story just isn’t as compelling.

Ys I and II Chronicles

Falcom’s Latest ARPG, Ys VII For PSP This September

Falcom has announced that the next title in their Ys series will not be developed for the PC but the PSP instead! Due sometime this September, Ys VII takes place in the Dukedom of Altago and will feature a new three member party battle system allowing you to select two other characters to support you.

I hope this doesn’t ruin the insanely fast paced boss fights but judging from what I can make out from the screenshots, it looks like you still fight solo as Adol only now you can use your party’s support skills too.


Evangelion Girlfriend of Steel 2nd Port for the PSP

Don’t get this confused with the other PSP “Evangelion Girlfriend of Steel Special Edition” that’s due out next month.

Featuring a whole new Evangelion storyline that ties up closely with episode 26 of the TV show, “Evangelion Girlfriend of Steel 2nd” will branch out depending on whether Shinji “chooses” Rei, Asuka or even Kaworu!

14 year old middle high school student Shinji Ikari is enjoying the days with his friends. The cheerful energetic, superior acting and childhood friend Asuka Langley Souryuu, the running energetic transfer student with bread in her mouth, Ayanami Rei. The handsome young man Kaworu who loves songs and is good with the Evangelion. The Touji Suzuhara who has a trademark jersey look and hates beating around the bush. The military Otaku and mecha loving Kensuke Aida.

They all appear no different than your average second year junior high student. Well, besides being pilots of the humanoid fighting machines, “Evangelion”…

Set in New Tokyo-03, Hakone and Chisekibara – Another Evangelion story is about to begin.

Due on June 11th, it will feature the same changes and improvements over the original PC version which was out in 2003 and then re-released for the PS2 in 2005. Another item to keep hungry Eva fans down until the second rebuild movie.

Evangelion dating sim.

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