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DJ Max Portable Black Square Features

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DJ Max Portable Black Square Features

Already stopped playing DJMP Clazziquai now but, been listening to their discography everyday. I really like the fun opening "Salesman" has to it!

Anyway, Ruliweb has revealed more information about the upcoming Black Square edition aimed at the veteran DJMP players. Still no release date or info about what the limited edition package will contain but, pre-orders will be accepted in Korea starting this Saturday.

The latest title in the DJMP series will feature:

  • Club Tour Challenges
    You'll find hidden DJs appearing at clubs if you fulfil the right conditions.
  • Entire Control System
    Completely play the songs yourself, not just a select number of instruments. More info to be released on this later.
  • Plus Score Point
    New gears to help you gain that higher score.
  • 6B FX and Redesigned Song Patterns.
    As with 4B FX, the normal 6B button configuration but with the L and R buttons too. In addition to the Normal (NM), Hard (HD) and Maximum (MX) version of songs, there will be a new Redesign (RD) playable version too.
  • Link Up Clazziquai for Over 100 New Song Patterns.
    Play them in the new 6B FX mode too.

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Xcomp Author

Well, after you load up DJMP choose Link Disc and it will tell you to swap discs. After swapping discs, you can play all the old songs using the new modes. When you're finished, you can choose to exit and the game will ask you to swap the original disc back in. It's not that complex ;)




X_x I don't understand how you link to your former game? Have two psps and link yourself? illegally download the former and have the newer in the cartridge slot?