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Monster Hunter or Moe Hunter, You Choose

Want some Monster Hunter figures but don’t like the official ones? Well, how about this Moe Hunter dressed in a full set of Gypceros S armour? Looks like the Felyne’s trying to cook the pet piggy! And yes, it really exists and looks like this in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. Not sure about what skill points and attributes it offers though since I’ve never built a set.

Anyway, this is Ryunryuntei’s Moe Hunter No. 1 figure and unfortunately, is only available as a “garage kit” (i.e. you have to paint and piece it together yourself). Find some more photos over at Icie’s blog. I wonder what the sculptor will go for next? Maybe the Rathian or Kirin armour sets?

Black Mages 3rd Album, Darkness and Starlight

Didn’t know the Black Mages are ready to release their third album, “Darkness and Starlight” next week on March 19th. It’s been a while since I listened to their rock re-mixes of Final Fantasy music but I remember their first album was great. Second one was so-so because it didn’t contain as many good re-mixes, though.

On the first listen (or watch rather) of their video digest, the only track I found interesting was “Distant Worlds”. Strangely enough, despite having played FFXI I don’t recognise the song. I know it’s a remix but it couldn’t have changed that much!

“Kurayami no Kumo” was great too but I already heard that as a bonus track from the FFIII OST. Odd they haven’t translated the title. I remember someone complaining about how I translated it as “Dark Cloud” in my FFIII DS guide instead of “Cloud of Darkness”… Strictly it’s not literally correct but I think you shouldn’t always be too literal with translations in my opinion.

Anyway, nice cover. I presume they’re Maria and Draco from FFVI.

Black Mages III Album Cover

Final Fantasy Potion Not Enough? Try the Mana Energy Potion

So, the Final Fantasy Potion beverage has your HP covered but, what about MP? Well, looks like you’ll soon have that covered too because Harcos have a Mana Energy Potion up for orders! According to the site, drinking the 40ml beverage will give you 160 additional mana points or in real life terms, four cups of coffee to keep you up and gaming.

When I saw this, I thought Blizzard was copying SE because the site design reminded me of their WoW site but looking closer, I found that wasn’t the case. But what if they did? Think there would be a limited edition package that includes a deluxe box and WoW handbook too?

Aside from that, I remember reading you can overdose on coffee if you drink too much in one go so you’ll have to be sipping this pretty much.

Mana Potion Drink

A New Set of P3 Character Drama CDs from Frontier Works

It appears Frontier Works is preparing to release a new set of P3 drama CDs starting next month. The very first volume “Character Drama CD Persona 3 Vol. 1” (working name) is due February 27th with a price tag of 2625 Yen (US$24).

I can’t seem to find anything about what the contents will be but, it should once again contain parody stories. First press editions of the CD will also have a bonus voice actors commentary track, just like the Moonlight and Daylight CDs.

Not sure if I’ll be picking this up yet. Will probably depend on how many volumes there will be in total.

Persona 3 Poster

Persona Club P3 Book, A Collection of Fanart and Interesting Details

Remember a few weeks ago I didn’t get my 5cm novel despite pre-ordering and waiting for a month? Well, I didn’t exactly get nothing out of it. Just like I said I would back when I bought the P3 FES Fanbook, I had put in an order for the Persona Club P3 book too and managed to receive that so it wasn’t all bad.

Now unlike the FES book, this doesn’t concentrate on P3’s story but on the characters and game concepts instead. Again, the book is produced by the Famitsu staff in collaboration with Atlus so you can consider it official material. Feel free to click on the images for a bigger version.

Persona Club P3 Book Cover

The book begins with 8 pages introducing the Persona games that have been created so far, a brief summary and the concepts behind them. Persona 3 was released seven years after the last game in the series with a complete new appearance and gameplay system.

P3 Club Sample 1

Interestingly enough, it also turns out the butterfly story used in the games and referred to by Igor in the “Certain Day of Summer” Drama CD is based on one by Zhuangzi, an old Chinese philosopher.

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