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The FFVII: Crisis Core Desktop Accessories for Square-Enix Members Only

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The FFVII: Crisis Core Desktop Accessories for Square-Enix Members Only

I checked the Crisis Core SE Members site again today and it seems it's been relocated. Looks like SE is revamping the whole club section of their site so that members can choose their own skins and use avatars.

The desktop accessories software is now up but unfortunately, you have to be logged in to add the Crisis Core items to it. The main components of the software are made of an analogue clock, calendar memo and an SE RSS news reader. It's free to register as a member, BTW.

Just added yesterday was the Zack Fitness Test mini game which you can also play in the PSP game. I would have embedded it on my blog if the free version of Wordpress allowed Javascript but too bad I can't. Maybe I'll get my own web domain sometime. After managing 60 squats in the limited amount of time, you gain access to this cool wallpaper.

I really like AC style renders but I think I'll stick to my 5cm wallpaper ^^;

Also available was this 16 page "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII" guide book in Flash format. You can't resize it but the text is big enough to read I guess.

First page is the introduction talking about how in 1997, Final Fantasy VII was the first FF game to make the transition from 2D to 3D. Then in 2004, SE began the Compilation project and on September 13th 2007, fans saw the fourth title in the series "Crisis Core" which takes place 7 years before the original game.

There's also a timeline to the right with listing...

Crisis Core (7 years ago)
Before Crisis (6 years ago)
Last Order (5 years ago)
Final Fantasy VII (the original game)
Advent Children (2 years later)
Dirge of Cerberus (3 years later)

Introduction to Midgar and its history.

More details about the games.

And a glossary of FFVII terms.

Lastly, check out the goodies SE Members in Japan get. Cases, soundtrack, pamphlet collection... The "Final Fantasy Finest Box" is probably the best out of them all containing FF themed CD slip cases, 6 disc soundtrack of the FF Advance games IV~VI and a 28 page artbook full of Yoshitaka Amano's works. Unsurprisingly, it's already out of stock.

They should really have more pre-order goodies and club rewards over in the West too. Then maybe piracy will be lowered a little and sales will be higher (not that you should be pirating in the first place).

And to end this post, here's another downloadable SE Members item for you. An October calendar wallpaper featuring the next FF Tactics game that's on sale towards the end of the month. Not too excited about it TBH because I never finished the other games.

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Xcomp Author

I just got these out of curiosity. The compilation book's pretty nice but, I don't really use any widgets on my machine or customisation utilities because most of them run a lot of pointless services in the background IMO.



Calvin Michel Sidjaja

hey this is a nice information, actually most of english-speak people in internet pretty oblivious about the availability of japanese anime/game widget like these. hope you write entries like this in some other time.

Btw Rockman's site also provides analog clock to be put in your widget, pretty nice, if you ask me ;)