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Square-Enix's "It's a Wonderful World" OST Gets Released Today

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Square-Enix's "It's a Wonderful World" OST Gets Released Today

"Subarashiki Kono Sekai" has quite a cool selection of music so I've been looking forward to this release. Over the past few days, I even just left the official music site open in the background just to listen to the music! Unfortunately, it seems no one has ripped the CDs yet when I went scouring the net for it today. Instead, I came across a zip file with tracks ripped from the game itself. Needless to say, the quality is bad (worse than radio and even the DS speakers) but it gave me an idea of what to expect.

The game is currently on my "To buy" list because it's got great presentation, intense battles, fun system and a good story. However, with all the purchases I've made lately and the new semester coming up, I'm afraid I'll just have to hold out until I've got some more spare cash...

The (known) tracks I've enjoyed so far are "It's so Wonderful" (main menu theme song), "Calling" and "Twister". I may end up ordering the OST together with the game if there's enough tracks I like.

Subarashiki Kono Sekai OST

On another note, Gyakuten Saiban 3 has been dispatched from Play-Asia so I should be expecting that through my door soon. Hope I have that quad cover bonus gift!

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Yes, but just little bits whenever I feel up to it. I think this RPG has the most dialogue I've come across ^^;




You're still working on that translation guide, I hope? :)