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Persona 3 Drama CD - A Certain Day of Summer

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Persona 3 Drama CD - A Certain Day of Summer

It's been a while since I last looked for the other Persona 3 drama CDs so I decided to search again hoping someone else had put them up. Indeed I managed to find "A Certain Day of Summer" but the "Moonlight" CD is still nowhere to be found.

The story here takes place before Persona 3 FES and doesn't have a dark mysterious touch to it like the Daylight CD. It's a lot more light-hearted and humorous. The lead hero that you play as in the game doesn't have a name so he is always referred to as "He" or "You". It's not much different here even though he's been given a voice so in the following long summary, I'll be referring to him the same way.

The CD begins with You summoned to the Velvet room. Igor is there to tell some stories as a gift for going on Your journey and facing many days of battles. His gift is actually your memories of events past and forgotten.

Igor begins, "Long ago there was a man who dreamt of himself becoming a butterfly and enjoying the happiness of flying freely in the skies. But when he woke up, he suddenly thought to himself, "Was he dreaming of being the butterfly or, was the butterfly dreaming of being him just now?" The man didn't know everything about himself but yet just like You, he awakened from dreams. Especially when you're in the Velvet Room."

"Update, She Goes for a Walk"

And so Igor flips the first page of memories. Spread across the first three tracks, the story takes place when the gang has returned from Yaku Island (i.e. Yakushima) with Aegis and she hasn't started attending school yet.

It is the hot summer days. The Professor is over at the dorm to ask the gang to take Aegis out for a tour so that she could learn about the town. After all, data and actual experience are two different things. Unfortunately both Akihiko and Mitsuru already have plans for the day so the seniors won't be able to go along with them. Yukari is a bit worried but Mitsuru reassures them it will be alright since You will be going too.

Before they leave, they had to dress Angie up properly first. Fuuka is the first to offer her clothes but she's too short. Yukari offers to lend her some clothes but that part just happens to be a little too small. She tries to clear Junpei's mind of any dirty thoughts but he simply replies that he didn't say anything. Mitsuru also offers. After some analysis Aegis says Yukari's ones are the better fit. Just as she is about to reveal the differences between their body sizes, Yukari panics and manages to quieten her down just in time. With that, everyone sets off.

Their first stop was Gekkoukan High and while on the train, they try to explain to Aegis what a school is. As everyone gives their own little explanation, Aegis gets a little confused. However, thinking about giving Aegis a tour reminds Yukari of the time when You arrived as a transfer student in April. Junpei thinks back to the time too. At the time, he was really surprised that Yukari was walking to school with someone and it was a new transfer student too. With the way things are now, he believes there's nothing that can't happen really. Now that Junpei mentioned it, Fuuka remembers there was a lot of guy's talk about the subject on the school message boards. Yukari doesn't really want her male "classmates" talking about her on the board at all. Junpei lets it slide and says it's good to be popular. Aegis picks up on the fact and stores it in memory even though Yukari doesn't feel she's popular at all.

In any case, Junpei can't believe things have turned out the way they are now. He thinks out loud saying how encounters can be important and life-changing. However, Aegis thinks differently saying how first contacts are important as battles. Junpei goes onto thinking back to the time when they first met Aegis. Yukari decides to ask Junpei why Aegis was acting so odd back on Yaku Island but just as Junpei was about to try and cover up, Aegis tells them that he had greeted her with the words, "Hey girl!" Yukari bursts out laughing much to Junpei's dismay as she realises he had tried to chat her up. As Junpei cries out, Fuuka tries to quieten them down.

Arriving at school, the group briefly visits the classroom, student council before arriving in the broadcasting room where Aegis opens up a locked cupboard full of some strange CDs. Just as Junpei suggests they play them, Yukari stops them and Fuuka ushers them on before they get intro trouble.

After dropping by the clubs, they pass by the home economics room. It seems the exchange student Bebe had left a notice outside the door in French. Aegis reads it out loud to find that it's warning telling them not to eat the food labelled "2-E" in the fridge. The message seems to be unfinished. The friends don't get it and Junpei thinks it's just some sort of joke. As they walk off, Yukari notices Fuuka looks a bit worried but she says she's fine.

Moving on past the refectory, the friends drop by the nurse's office and only just manage to escape to the roof when they smell a strange odour. Outside they can feel the hot summer weather again. Aegis states that the human body will cool down if shot in the head or heart. Before Fuuka and Junpei could say anything, Aegis decides to try cooling Junpei down. Meanwhile, Yukari and You chat quietly together as the salty winds reminds her of what happened on Yaku Island.

In the background, the others try to eavesdrop and Junpei talks about femininity, using Yukari as an example saying she doesn't have enough of it. Yukari hears him of course, giving Junpei a very painful sounding pinch on the face. Just before they leave school, Junpei goes to the toilet to put some cold water on his face. As Junpei was going to relief himself, Aegis comes in through the door. They manage to get her out by telling her that going on standby outside is the "best strategy". Back outside Yukari is surprised to see Aegis coming out the boys toilet with Junpei. She immediately accuses Junpei of doing something dirty again.

Next stop Paulownia Mall. There, they here people talking about the Apathy Syndrome. It's been increasing again with the full moon coming up. Junpei cheers the gang up suggesting they drop by the weapons store while they're here. There, they find Akihiko who was checking for some new equipment. He asks them how the tour was going. Junpei lies it was going well and that Aegis should be better accustomed to school. He strikes a pose and tells Aegis to follow. To everyone's surprise she copies. Yukari sternly warns her she should never do it again.

After getting something to eat together, they decide to end the day by visiting the Naganaki Shrine. There, they tell Aegis about O-Mikuji that tells one's fortunes on a piece of paper. Aegis is impressed at the "technology". Everyone except Akihiko shakes the box. Aegis gets "Great Fortune. You will be able to convey your feelings." After showing Aegis how to O-Mairi (ringing the bell and wishing), the friends return to the dorm where the Professor is waiting.

At the end of the day, Aegis has learned that it's great to be with others and wouldn't mind going to school with everyone.

Returning to the Velvet Room Igor ends his story, a slice of daily life that was forgotten during this journey. Knowing that You must be thinking there are other forgotten memories, Igore offers to tell another. Suddenly, Elizabeth interrupts saying it's time the player should return to the real world so that You may rest. Igor isn't pleased but Elizabeth goes ahead returning You anyway.

So the 4th track begins with You back in reality. The girls of the SEES team keep calling one after the other, all upset that He's dating other girls. A funny track really. Here's a fan animated version of the track. Note that the fan animated video uses a different title for the story.

"Reverse or Broke?"

And picking up after the main character falls back "asleep" again, he finds himself back in the Velvet Room. Igor apologises about what happened and explains Elizabeth accidentally sent a bad dream back together with Him. Elizabeth also apologises. Again, acting without Igor's approval again, she decides to show You a different memory that managed to get a hold of.

"Noble Empress"

It is January 29th and Mitsuru is returning home. Unfortunately, her father won't be dining with her as usual. At least she managed to spend some time with him back on Yaku Island. Mitsuru returns to her room and waits for some tea. Moments later, one of the maids bring some Winter Tea for her but, accidentally drops it and smashes the cup. The maid apologises frantically but Mitsuru tells her it's alright. She tells the maid to bring her a change of clothes while she cleans up the mess. The two servants leave the room.

Mitsuru slowly starts picking up the shards saying quietly, "All things with a form will break." Afterwards, she goes off to take a shower and asks herself what she is fighting for. She wants to take some of the burden off her father and see him smile like he once did long ago but at the same time, she feels she's betraying her friends. She hesitates.

Outside, the maid wonders why Mitsuru looked so down. The butler explains the tea set they were using was a present that Mitsuru received from her father on her birthday. It maybe the reason why Mitsuru became so fond of tea. He continues to reassure the maid telling her not to worry. Mitsuru was strong and didn't let things affect her so easily. The two servants return to preparing dinner.

Later Mitsuru also finds the first rapier from her father. She asks herself the same question, what is she fighting for? She knows that she will have to pay for what she is doing now but it doesn't matter. No matter what happens, she can't lose. She will fight to protect everything.

Returning to the Velvet Room, Igor apologises once again for Elizabeth's mistake. This time she had shown You someone else's memory and Igor was not happy about it. Elizabeth apologises but moves on to show another memory without Igor's permission again.

"Equip with Chidori"

At Port Island Station, Chidori is sitting at the usual spot again sketching away. Junpei drops by greeting her cheerfully and asks to look at her sketch. At first, Chidori refuses since Junpei probably won't understand what it is anyway but gives in when he persists. For some reason, Junpei was very impressed with what he saw today. He asks if Chidori had shown it to anyone else yet. Hearing that she hadn't, he decided he'll help her show everyone. He starts rambling on about how he'll go tell people about it. Chidori complains it's too noisy. Junpei quietens down but Chidori decides to leave. As he tries to stop her, Chidori tears off the sketch she done and gives it to Junpei telling him that he doesn't have to return it. Junpei cries out with joy and rushes back to the dorm.

Back at the dorm Koromaru is barking because he hadn't been given food for the day yet. It was Junpei's turn today but looks like he forgot. Akihiko wasn't pleased. He decides to give Koromaru one of his protein meals but Fuuka says it would be too much. She offers to make something instead but Koromaru whimpers. Just as Aegis starts to translate what he was saying, Mitsuru cuts her off short.

Just then Junpei bursts in and excitedly shows them Chidori's picture. Everyone was speechless. Akihiko thought Junpei had been through something bad. Disappointed, Junpei decides to speak with the Professor. He wants to do something so that the sketch would get more attention. Initially the Professor suggests putting it onto the internet but Junpei wants something that he could really put some effort into. They decide he could print it onto a t-shirt or something and walk around with it.

Meanwhile, Yukari is having fun training Koromaru. He seems to understand what she is saying now. She really likes how well behaved the dog is unlike someone. Junpei walks in revealing his newly printed shirt and offers it to Yukari. She doesn't want it and advices he better not walk around town in it. Suddenly Koromaru growls and starts chasing Junpei around the room. What could have gotten into him?

Before long, it was the Dark Hour. The gang heads to Tartarus where Akihiko notices the blood on Junpei's shirt. It must have been the little conflict from earlier. Yukari says she told Junpei not to wear it with him here but he wouldn't listen. Just as they argue, Mitsuru reminds them to concentrate on their training since the next full moon was near. Fuuka warns them that something was odd about the Shadows tonight. Aegis can sense how excited Junpei was and he replies it was because of his fashionable shirt.

As the team moves on, Fuuka senses Shadows in a corner. Mitsuru tells Akihiko and Junpei to take the front line and they break into battle. To their surprise, the Shadows concentrate their attacks on Junpei. After some analysis, Fuuka tells them it was something that Junpei's wearing. Junpei starts running away with the Shadows chasing after him. Mitsuru and the others immediately make use of the chance to defeat the Shadows easily. After the battle, Mitsuru decides they're going to make use of Junpei in their new "strategy". Saying they should make use of whatever they can, Mitsuru leads the way. Junpei still admires Chidori's art but wonders if he'll make it back out alive.

Returning to the Velvet Room, Igor apologises for all the trouble but this will be the last story that will be told. He explains that Elizabeth is sometimes curious about You and the outside world which is why she's been so eager to show those stories. Igor tries to get Elizabeth too but all she only waits to be of service again. In any case, it's time to leave and Igor reminds that the Chosen One can not escape fate. You will be summoned to the Velvet Room again one day.


Well, that was an enjoyable drama CD! Just what did Chidori draw?! They still haven't really revealed what the purpose of the Velvet Room is yet though, have they? Do they tell you more about it if you defeat Elizabeth in the game? I don't know since I didn't complete all the requests for a chance of fighting her.

My P3 goodies have finally been dispatched from Play-Asia so I'll be able to listen to the Moonlight drama CD too soon. Can't wait for the actual CDs and my P3 FES Fanbook!

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Xcomp Author

I think there's a number of translation scripts lying about on the Livejournal blogs. You could try looking there...



Zerolyn Aiko

Thank you so much but could you translate the rest of them? Or tell me where they are because I'm new to this website T.T...

I especially want Character Drama Vol.5 Track 6 with Shinji and Aki =D



Xcomp Author

I think you'll just have to visit Nicovideos and register to watch the two missing videos. Unfortunately, the site's in Japanese only.




The video is removed. Where I can see the video again?



Athrun Zala

thank you for the drama, i like it very much. but sad to know that the main will die in the final battle.




Thank you so much for the translations!!!




Thanks for those! These are really nicely done. Poor Professor! I guess the animator doesn't like him, does he? A lot of hilarious stuff! I'd really like to see a P3 Anime TBH.

I've embedded the Youtube videos for anyone who doesn't know how to use Nicovideo. The scrolling layer of comments there make the vids even more funny! Too bad the animator stopped after the broadcasting room part of the third "She Goes for a Walk" track.




Fan animated clips of the first story can be found at Nico Nico Douga.