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Looking for Persona 3 Drama CDs, Can't Seem to Find Them Anywhere

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Looking for Persona 3 Drama CDs, Can't Seem to Find Them Anywhere

The "trial versions" that is... I've spent the past few hours scouring the net for the Persona 3 drama CDs but haven't had any luck.

Only managed to find "Vol. 1 Daylight" when a mysterious 17 year old looking girl appears before Aegis while she is in standby mode. Aegis' sensors didn't react to the girl and neither did she appear to be a Shadow. She also seemed to have known Aegis before she was "confined". Aegis doesn't recognise the girl because part of her memory remains incomplete. The girl doesn't seem to mind and is more interested in how Aegis has been doing lately. She asks if she can join Aegis to see what her new daily life is like and the rest of the tracks cover the events that happen over a 3 day time period with the other characters.

Not sure who the mystery girl that appears is but I'm guessing she's someone similar to Pharos? Well anyway, no spoilers. I'm only 25 hours into the game. Only now did I find out there's an "Persona 3 FES" expansion version but, I'm just going to keep playing. Maybe both the standalone version and add-on disc will come out in English later too or, I'll just play the Japanese version some other time.

Instead of purchasing the US special edition, which comes with a free cut-down version of the Japanese OST and a hardback artbook as bonuses, I may go directly for the Japanese version of P3FES and buy the goodies separately. The obvious differences are the bonus 1 disc OST only contains 18 out of the 52 track 2 disc commercial OST while the artbook is only 52 pages compared to the commercial 140 pages. You can find most of the Japanese "Design Works" artbook at Dokuganryu's site where he has around 87 of the pages scanned.

In any case, I am also considering buying all 3 drama CDs too. I like "Vol. 1 Daylight" so I'll definitely be buying that but I need to find "samples" of the other two to listen to first. All the sites I've found seem to lead to the same broken links for "Vol. 2 Moonlight" and "A Certain Day of Summer"...

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Xcomp Author

Try searching for Gekkoukan High and check the CD category.




i want the cd
where can i get this free?

pliss.. tell me where!



Xcomp Author

Hmmm... Not for Daylight, no. Sorry. It's pretty normal daily life situations that Aigis came across so there's not much to write about.



Silver moon

can you give me the full Story ??




The files work fine for me and I'm using Winamp to play them.




Hey, I followed the link you posted to the .zip file (thanks for that, by the way! I've been searching a fair bit too.), but when I unzipped the files, nothing seemed to be able to play them. Did you have to do anything special? What did you use to play?

Thanks again.




I have always tried games and other media before purchasing them. Too many I get bored of after a few hours or so.




"Instead of purchasing the US special edition"

So you never actually bought Persona 3? Tsk tsk.