Persona 3 Portable Official Fanbook

– Update –

Not really much to do with the fanbook but…

Just in case anyone’s been wondering why the Japanese gave the P3P Heroine the unofficial name “Hamuko”, Kita-san kindly explained that it maybe because in Atlus’ TGS2009 trailer, they named her as “主人 公子” instead of  “主人公” (which I think is most likely a typo). If you take “公子” then read the “公” as if it’s Katakana, you get “ハム” thus the unofficial name “ハムこ” ^^;

原來日本人叫P3P女主各「Hamuko」是可能因Atlus在某條知片打錯字、打了「主人 公子」.「公」讀成片仮名字就變成「ハム」^^;

– Update –

Well, every Persona fans should know about the fanbooks that get released by now. Despite being the third remake of Persona 3, the PSP Portable version has also been given its own fanbook – With a nice group illustration for the cover too.

You can view Kita-san’s preview of it at his blog. The layout and contents appear to be very similar – Photos used for the background and lots of text only this time, the character profiles are laid out like a blog. Highlights of the 192 page B5 size book are…

  • Concept art including early boxart designs.
  • Musical score sheet of the original P3 opening “Burn My Dread” and ending “Memories of You”.
  • Original short story and comic.
  • Persona Music Live 2009 coverage.
  • Interviews with the directors, sound producer and voice actors.
  • Fold-out poster.

Play-Asia doesn’t seem to stock it at the moment but you can always import from HMV Japan too or if you’re in the UK, try

As cute as the Heroine is (or MShe, Minako as fans call her), I think one P3 fanbook’s enough for me, though ^^;

So can we expect some P3P drama CDs, Atlus?


ヘロインのキャラクターデザインも可愛いですが、P3のファンブック一冊だけで十分かな ^^;


P3P也出了一本Fanbook. 内容可在Kita-san的網誌看到. 女主各的設計很可愛但我我一本己經夠 ^^;


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