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Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2021, Sublimation/Signal.MD)

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Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2021, Sublimation/Signal.MD)

Saidā no Yō ni Kotoba ga Wakiagaru / CiderKotoba

Worth A Watch

It's summer break. Idol group "Orange Sunshine" member Yuki "Smile" is an influencer that enjoys live streaming but keeps a mask on to hide her buckteeth. Shy poem loving Yui Sakura "Cherry" works part time at a day care while always carrying a Kigo seasonal poem dictionary around with him. When Cherry's friend, a local trouble maker Beaver crashes into them during an event, they end up with each other's phones.

After swapping them back at the shopping centre they always hang around in, they soon find themselves spending more time together, following each other on social networks and live streams, helping each other and the local community with their problems.

A romcom movie to celebrate Flying Dog Inc's 10th anniversary. The company helped in the production of shows such as Gundam Seed, Ghost in The Shell Stand Alone Complex, Wolf's Rain etc when the animation part of their team was still known as "m-serve". Nowadays they deal more with Anime related music production after the merger and rebrand.

Not a fan of the odd colour palette. It's almost like something out of a children's colouring book and doesn't look quite right but, as the focus moves away from the shopping centre, it starts to look more normal (or I just got used to it).

Other than that it's actually a pretty good movie and it's touted as from the director of Your Lie in April, Kyohei Ishiguro which is also supposed to be a good romance drama show. There's more to it than just the romcom as get to see Yuki and Kouichi's family side of life too. A bit of everything slice-of-life when the locals start banding together and, I think it's brave of the studio to go with characters that don't have your model look as it risks not getting the attention it needs for enough revenue. Not that the promo image shows that though.

There's no real drama apart from the opening scene but the wholesome parts of the movie should keep you watching anyway. Some scenes work, some don't because they don't feel like it's something you would actually do and you've got your usual romance tropes but the second half of the movie picks up pretty well.

There's a very brief bonus scene after the credit roll.

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

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