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Spy x Family (2022, Wit Studio x Cloverworks)

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Spy x Family (2022, Wit Studio x Cloverworks)



"Twilight" Loid Forger, a top secret WISE agent whose goal is to obtain world peace where children didn't have to grow up crying any more, has been given a new assignment "Operation Strix" to keep the peace between the Eastern Ostania and Western Westalis. However, he must form a family within the week. Off to find a child he could call his own, he goes to the local orphanage and adopts little Anya who is obssessed with the fictional spy world and peanuts but what Loid didn't know was she was an escaped esper. Not long later, the new family meets clueless "Thorn Princess" Yor, an assassin looking for a temporary boyfriend to save herself from embarassment.

When Anya reads their minds, she becomes excited by their secret identities and decides to bring them together. After getting caught up in one of Loid's missions, the two decide to have a marriage of convenience as a cover for each other, oblivious to the real identity of each other.

And so, the unusual family of spy, assasin and esper begins their new life together as the "Forgers".

Spy x Family (pronounced without the X) became so popular it's fairly much mainstream these days. Even in Asian TV programmes you see non-Anime fans cosplaying as the characters. 

Anya's antics are cute enough but the world setting is a fairly familiar European-esque country but mixed with some Japanese culture. The over-exaggerated reactions are hilarious. Despite Yor's best efforts to conceal herself, the assassin side of her thinking often gets the better of her. Meanwhile Anya's innocent mind gives off some hilarious reactions as she continues to read the minds of her new "parents" and gets exposed to things she couldn't see in the lab. Loid is the only serious thinker who tries to keep it all together.

I think the downside is the silliness just carries on too long and you're wondering just what are you watching. The jokes are always just based off the same idea; Yor the brainless assassin, Loid the smart serious spy and Anya innocently mischievous. It gets quite old quick because you get to the point where you expect some silly related joke to suddenly get thrown in.

Background art and soundtrack is good but, the animation's not so great at times. Fans of designer chairs and other furniture from the past will notice a lot of them here since it's pre-mobile/internet days. Not particularly a fan of the OP and ED songs.

Don't expect anything serious. No fan service, no gore-filled fight scenes despite our super human assassin and agent characters. It's just two undercover foster parents doing their best to keep their adopted little girl happy while warming up to the joys of parenthood. It's quite wholesome watching them slowly turn into a family sharing both the happy and sad moments in their new life.

I can't really say the show lives up to the hype but I guess it wouldn't be mainstream if it didn't appeal to most. I ended up dropping the show 6 episodes in but at least I got to see Anya's "smirk" and know the story behind it now.

Spy x Family


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