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Chainsaw Man (2022, Mappa)

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Chainsaw Man (2022, Mappa)


Worth A Watch

Denji's father left behind a large debt and despite selling off his organs he still has a lot to pay back and barely has enough to feed himself. Perhaps fortunately for him, an injured little Devil named Pochita was nearby the day his father passed away and after allowing it to feed on his blood to heal, they're now partners and hunt down Devils to sell on the black market. Yet, it was still unlikely he would pay off the debt in his lifetime so his dreams were simple; feed himself and be able to sleep with a girl one day.

Before long, Denji soon finds himself betrayed and this time it was Pochita's turn to save him, resurrecting him and giving him the ability to wield chainsaws as limbs to fight Devils. When the Public Safety arrives, they see the potential in him and offer him a chance to join their team of "Devil Hunters" as a member of the irregular Special Division 4. His dream of a normal life had come true but there were still ladies he wanted to gain favours from. Now reborn as a Devil, Denji must work together with his irregular new friends to protect humanity.

Once again, decided to jump into this because of the hype. The opening episode kicks off as bleak as its grey colour scheme but in a good atmospheric way for yet another demon hunting world setting. It makes a good impression and I can see why it's got viewers hooked despite being a male oriented action show.

Well, it doesn't stay good for long. I saw enough tweets to expect a lot of sensual innuendo and yes Denji fairly much lets his desires lead him on in this show which fairly much makes him a slave to all the women. You could say it has a bit of S&M in it as Denji is treated like a "puppy" and there's plenty of abuse in the show.

There's plenty of jokes involving private parts with awkward camera angles to match Denji's new goals. Actually, there's more direct sensual scenes in it than fan service as Denji gets "rewarded".

That said each character's quirks still make it a fun watch. Every character has their own reason for making an contract with the Devil to fight against the more malicious Devils and like the first episode there is the odd wholesome scene. S1 covers up to about half way through volume 5 of the 13 volume first series Manga so far.

The show is full of gore as you'd expect from all the demon fighting and with plenty of decapitation which is probably why it gives off a Jujutsu Kaisen vibe; only that show didn't have a cute little mascot character. The gore is probably a lot worse than Kimetsu and Jujutsu put together; the decapitation is fairly detailed. At least the other two popular shows focused on individual duels.

There's plenty of homage to various movies in the OP including those by Tarantino so maybe the level of gore was inspired from them. The OP theme song "Kick Back" by Kenshi Yonezu is pretty good. Other than that, every episode has a different ending songs and they're not so great apart from maybe "Violence" by Queen Bee.

In summary, plenty of S&M innuendo as there's a lot of abuse mixed with demon hunting and pretty ladies baiting guys with the promise of sexual favours. Oh, and the odd reminder there's a cute mascot name Pochita (who only gets a couple of short scenes in two episodes). If I had to pick a demon hunting show, Jujutsu would be the better pick.

Chainsaw Man


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