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Restaurant to The Other World (2017, Silver Link)

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Restaurant to The Other World (2017, Silver Link)

Isekai no Shokudou

Worth A Watch

The kind but stern Master runs a Western Restaurant "Nekoya [Cat Shop]" in Tokyo but during the night something odd happens. Once every Saturday, portals appear in another world that allows its inhabitants to access his restaurant and they are all captured by the taste of the dishes that are completely foreign to them. Even one of the Seven Ancient Dragons that was feared by all. One night, a hungry homeless young girl Aletta who lost her job because her horns gave away her demon blood lineage, ends up wandering into his restaurant attracted by the aroma of some potage he had cooked. Thinking it was a dream she helps herself and ends up falling asleep there. When the Boss discovers her, he offers her a job and so together, they continue to welcome inhabitants of all manner from the other world to the restaurant.

Based on a light novel series of the same name, I thought it'd be somehow related to another show with a similar title, Isekai no Izakaya "Nobu" but it's not. Both are very similar though - instead of a restaurant you have a pub. Granted, Shokudou's light novels came out a year before first so maybe it inspired the pub series.

As with most food focused shows, it has it's over-exaggerated way of praising food but it's not done in a fun hilarious way like the classic Mr Ajikko or the more recent fan service heavy Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma. The camera just focuses on the food as we hear lots of words of praise. Art's not bad so it might make you hungry and while the fan service isn't as heavy as Food Wars, it does have your share of brief cleverly censored nude fan service scenes from the pretty ladies. A lot of the cuisine's very common and familar such as omrice and curry you often see in Anime shows. It's quite fun watching the expressive characters from the fantasy world show how impressed they are with the modern day world food. Outside of that, each episode gives you a bit more of a glimpse into the vaguely named "Eastern Continent" fantasy world and they also act as an intro to each of the other worldly patrons too but, the desire for food always ends up leading to Nekoya so it's kind of a rinse-and-repeat formula.

So you could say this is a slice-of-life show set in a fantasy world with everything you'd expect from the world setting being the norm - your usual dwarves, elves, dragons and other familiar mythical beings. The only twist is that instead of an inn they use the modern day restaurant Nekoya to rest up. It's not as fun as say Working! or Blend S because nothing really eventful happens. Nothing really stands out be it the music, world setting, visuals or scenarios. There's no drama and little comedy that was laugh-out-loud good but, it doesn't feel boring either. There are the odd moments that make you smile and it has a good wrap-up to say the least. It's like being a spectator of daily fantasy life as you learn more about the other world which isn't a bad thing.

Restaurant to Another World

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