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Remake Our Life (2021, Feel Inc)

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Remake Our Life (2021, Feel Inc)

ぼくたちのリメイク / ぼくリメ
Bokutachi no Remake

28 year old Kyoya Hashiba decided to join a video games development company that made "pretty girl games" but their titles never sold and the company had to shutdown. Back during his university entry days, he had applied for a visual arts course but never took it and went for a course about economics instead. Now he wonders could he be doing better in his creative jobs if he had taken the art course.

He was now a jack-of-all-trades who's tried his hand at all kinds of creative work. One day he wakes up and discovers he had time leaped 10 years back to the day he was going to make that very decision. Now he had a chance to "remake" his life.

And so, Kyoya begins his new life as an art student. He doesn't get off to a very good start when he first arrives at his new Kitayama Share House where he was going to be living with three other students; Nanako an aspiring actress, Aki aspiring illustrator and Rokuonji aspiring writer. Funnily enough, they were all on the same course but not only that, they were the Platinum Three he respected and wanted to work with. Even his ex-boss Eiko Kawasegawa was on the same course and ends up seeing him as her rival.

Now Kyoya must do what he can to have a more successful career in the entertainment industry and help out his new future Platinum Three friends that go through the same struggles he did in the future.

Aesthetically I think it's fairly average looking but overall quality's consistent. You can see when 3D models are used with 2D. Background scenes look good and the way the eyes on characters are rendered really stand out. Right from the very first episode you see a familiar bridge backdrop from Your Name, the footpath near the Western Exit of Shinjuku Station. You get the characters singing the Rurounin Kenshin OP "Freckles" gets sung too.

First episode is a double length special which was a bit of a surprise. Setup is indeed similar to Pet Girl of Sakurasou. A bunch of students share a place together, struggling through life to achieve their dreams. The fan service is fairly much the lighter side of the show. For the most part it's takes on a harsher, more serious tone as it takes a look at the creative industry... Well, as far as a story that features someone who has time leapted is concerned anyway. They work on making a game but don't expect the show to be as detailed as New Game or Shirobako.

Yes, it kicks off with a time leap but rather than focus on that, it's more about how people confront obstacles and work towards their dreams. Time leap barely plays a role although they don't forget about it and the familiar butterfly effects. Episode 6 was probably the best for me and it just keeps getting better from there. Oh, then there's the sci-fi time leap element which it doesn't forget about with your familiar butterfly effects.

It's heavier on the fan service (when it happens) with less wacky characters though; silly girl who accidentally sleeps in the same futon as the protagonist, girls accidentally running around in their underwear (and beating up the guy afterwards for looking), bounce, awkward camera angles and obligatory beach episode (well, closer to a short beach scene). It's fairly much at least one scene per episode while both the OP and ED are filled with it too. It goes into Doujin (indie) adult games too so expect some sensual jokes too. There are more sensual scenes in this than Sakurasou that's for sure.

I think what makes it not as good as Sakurasou is because it turns into a harem for Kyoya whereas, Sakurasou not only had the share house as a team but also pairings supporting each other too. It had silly characters that were more fun too whereas here it feels more like Kyoya being the sole pillar of the show. Things just go too perfectly for Kyoya and his 10 years of extra life experience isn't convincing enough to support why that is although, it does help show why everyone who works with him feel overshadowed.

Overall I think it's a good youth drama, slice-of-life show. It might just give you a new perspective on your goals or, just stir up memories of your own uni days and getting a foot in the door. It does a good job of reminding viewers that yes, dreams can be tough but it shouldn't be an excuse to procrastinate and not put in the effort towards them.

The time leap setup will probably end up being used for the harem side of the show to explore the different relations Kyoya could have had if the story picks up again in the future. The show does kind of pokes fun at itself with the whole harem story setup though. Light novels this show is based on is up to volume 7 and going by the summaries, this covers the first 5 of them and seeing how it ends with a cliffhangar there might just be more of the show in the future.

Remake My Life

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