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D_Cide Traumerei The Animation (2021, Sanzigen)

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D_Cide Traumerei The Animation (2021, Sanzigen)


Kickboxing enthusiast Ryuhei Oda gets bitten by a black creature one night. Soon he discovers he can see portals known as Traumerei around Shibuya and the monsters known as "Weird" that appear from them. A drug known as "Somnium Drop" is circling around claiming it can grant wishes, allowing "Dreamers" humans possessing great hatred to borrow their power. However, it only the humans ot be sacrificed so that the Weird gain more power, transforming the Traumerei to transform into "Desaria" that envelops the human world.

Ryuhei was now a "Knock-upper" someone who had the power to defeat the monsters but after his first fight, he recognises they also left a mark behind which resembled the one next to his older brother Junpei when he was murdered. Now Ryuhei chooses to fight with the other Knock-uppers hoping to track down his brother's hooded killer and the people who unsealed The Weird.

Hate to admit this but it was the pretty aesthetics that caught me interested in this show. Characters seemed fun too when I saw a bit of it on Japanese TV even though they're your usual trope. It's not the first Sanzigen show I watched which uses cel-shaded 3D for their shows but everything looks beautifully rendered. 3D character and creature model designs look great although the creature variation is very limited. Actually, the 3D models aren't the same as the game and look different render-wise.

Battle scenes smooth and has impact. Outside of the battle scenes animation just feels really stiff; especially the walking animation although I think their original show Bubuki Buranki suffered similar problems. Despite being based on a mobile game, the music by Kouhei Tanaka (best known for Sakura Wars games franchise) is actually quite good. Sometimes you'll recognise his style in the compositions.

Based on a mobile game of the same name, I didn't really expect much. Game itself is Japan only as of writing this and it's not that great a gacha game really with little to do; only its artwork looks great just like this show. It takes a small selection of the characters from the game's roster for the story instead of using the game's story itself and feels like a very much done before simple action flick so not their best adaptation title. Characters are fun but the story setup and the direction is just so overly used it's boring. I guess it does touches on some issues such as domestic abuse, people using Deepfake to abuse others, sexual assault... Similar to the way the Persona games do and the dark side of someone causes them to turn into a monster. It can get quite graphic and explicit. It does so so briefly it's kind of like an intro to a new story quest in an RPG, one quest per episode.

Oh, and if you're wondering if that park-like place with the giant rings Ryuhei and the gang hangout is real or not, it's actually a real spot, Miyashita Park in Shibuya.

If you're just looking for a pretty looking action flick then you might like this. Otherwise there's very little to hold interest. The eye candy is fairly much the only thing going for it.

D_Cide Traumerei The Animation

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