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Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan (2021, Studio Blanc)

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Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan (2021, Studio Blanc)

Uramichi Onii-san

Worth A Watch

31 year old Uramichi Omota is a former gymnast who now works as a presenter on a kids show called, "Together with Maman." Other than keeping a smile on his face, he can't help but let his depressed inner thoughts leak out to the children such as the daily hardship he faces as a grown man. He's not alone however. Working together with him are former stage actor, Iketeru Daga and former singer Utano Tadano who also relunctantly play a part in the childrens show.

You can recognise Mizuka Nana's voice as Utano right away really which you might know as Ann from Persona 5. Same for Kamiya as Uramichi better known as Natsume, Levi or Trafalgar Law, It's actually got quite a few popular voice actors including Mamoru Miyano best known as Okabe from Steins;gate.

This is... a very weird show. Every episode kicks off with the characters presenting on the children's show so it gets quite repetitive. You watch as the cheery innocent children listen to the adult presenters grumble about their dissatisfaction with their lives as if they don't care if it's the right thing to say or not. I guess the contrast in the mood and something that would never really happen (probably...) on a children's show is what makes it fun to watch; Uramichi making some miserable sarcastic comment in between his faked cheeriness while the kids stare at them confused.

It has its funny moments but it's not for anyone feeling down in the dumps as it has quite a few depressing scenes during its more serious take on working adult life. I'd say it's a dark comedy, slice-of-life show who wouldn't mind looking at the more depressing moments of life and can still somehow see the funny side of it all. I only got a few laughs out of the show for the most part but the last couple of episodes feel a bit less depressing as the characters start to band together more often rather than focus on Uramichi's problems.

It's a love it or hate it show really depending on if you can put up with the satire and children's show masquerade.

If you do watch it, don't miss the odd extra scene after the credits.

Uramichi Oniisan

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