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Trauma Center: New Blood Trailer, First Footage of the New Co-op Mode

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Trauma Center: New Blood Trailer, First Footage of the New Co-op Mode

We finally have some video of the true sequel to Trauma Center which was announced back in mid-July for the Wii. Unfortunately, I can't seem to embed any videos besides Youtube because Wordpress automatically removes any Javascript in posts now...

From what little footage I've seen from this clip, the new co-op mode doesn't look quite as cooperative as I first thought it would be but it's still early. I was expecting something along the lines of injecting tumours with two different liquids simultaneously or, one person has to hold an area open while the other operates quickly etc.

Screen 2

That heartbeat intro was a bit long lasting nearly a whole third of the trailer before anything happened.

On the other hand, I wonder how the leaderboards will work... I would prefer it if it was directly accessible via the game and not through an internet browser but, that could be optional too. Also, a replay sharing feature similar to Ouendan and EBA might be good too. They haven't mentioned anything like that on the press release, though.

Screen 3


I have hardly touched my Wii lately apart from using the Everybody Votes channel and the odd game of Wii Play or Wii Sports. Billiards and the Shooting Range has become my favourites in Wiiplay. I would prefer playing real pool or snooker but the guys I know got bored of the games already so I've got no opponent to play against. Boring that way.

Mario Strikers

online started to feel very same-ish and I've managed to S rank most of the normal operations in Trauma Center: SO. A few XS ranks on Hard too so, I'm getting a little tired of that but I'm sure I'll go back to it once in a while. Paper Mario and Crisis Core should brighten things up this week! I'm guessing someone will manage to dump the PSP game before its release date on Thursday. Hopefully my penpal will be able to find a store to get a pre-order in on time for me.

Persona 3

Also been having fun playing Persona 3 on the PS2! I'm considering importing the special edition which includes an artbook and OST because it's so good. Meguro's soundtrack is great as usual and there's such a good sense of freedom in the game! The "dating sim" high school part does get a little getting used to.

I think I'm going to wait to see what happens in the UK first even though the game won't be out until 2008 and, I'm pretty sure there will be no LE here... Either way, I don't want to import if I don't need to. Or maybe I should just buy the regular edition and get the Official Design Works or My Episode Fan Book.

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