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Break of Dawn (2022, Zero-G)

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Break of Dawn (2022, Zero-G)

Bokura no Yoake

Worth A Watch

Science enthusiast kids has their maid Autobot hijacked by an AI from other space which needs their help to get home. It's been disguising itself as the recently hyped SH3 comet.

Second Anime movie I watched during my flight to Japan. Wasn't going to watch this because it sounded kiddyish but wasn't much else available so went for it.

The in-flight subs were horrible, missing a lot of the interpretation.

It's a very shallow sci-fi movie although considering the premise, it's probably best not to bog down the young viewers with hypothetical science. Most of it is just based on imagination mostly.

At first it may seem like a sci-fi movie but it's more on the side of fantasy comedy. Obviously the visuals were heavily compressed on the flight and the small screen meant you can't enjoy the visuals at its full but, aesthetics are nice and homely set in a residential area that's going to be torn down.

On the whole it was a pretty good movie though, better than expected. A lot of human drama that involves various families and their past.

Break of Dawn


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