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Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom (2023, Madhouse)

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Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom (2023, Madhouse)

金の国 水の国
Kin no Kuni, Mizu no Kuni

Worth A Watch

The movie has a strange kind of history to kick off with. A war triggered due to dog poop and cat pee ruining each country. It's pretty heavy diplomatically themed at first as each side decides to send a candidate for a marriage of convenience in order to create peace.

However, both sides ends up sending the very animals that set off the war to further insult each other but fortunately, these animals were sent to the wrong people. A dog was sent to the kind-hearted princess of the Gold Kingdom, Sara while the cat that was sent to the Water Kingdom was passed to a random engineer named Naranbayar without a look.

One day the two meet when Sara's dog Lukman runs off and both learns what each of their countries had done which could set off war again. The two decide to keep it a secret, leading each side to think human candidates were sent instead. What starts off as an attempt to maintain peace blossoms into a romance.

I saw plenty of promos of this on Japanese TV so when I saw it available on my flight to Japan, I decided to watch it. I can't say it made a great impression but it's a pretty light-hearted romance fantasy story with a fun cast of characters to drive it.

Kin no Kuni, Mizu no Kuni


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