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Cyberpunk Edgerunners (Trigger Studio, 2022)

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Cyberpunk Edgerunners (Trigger Studio, 2022)

Worth A Watch

17 year old David Martinez and his single mother is doing their best to get out of poverty in Night City. However, after getting caught up in an shooting incident, David's life turns from bad to worse. Fed up with his bleak situation he comes across a military grade "Sandevistan" implant and decides to have it installed on himself. With his enhanced abilities, he manages to avoid being "pick-socketed" by Lucy and when he learns she only goes after the wealthy Arasaka, he decides to join her and her gang but is he ready for darker cruel side of the city?

A spin-off show from the widely criticised game Cyberpunk 2077 that didn't quite meet expectations when it launched. Personally I enjoyed the game and experienced few major bugs. Well, one that ruined a cutscene but it was mostly stable. City could have been more interesting if you could explore more buildings.

But anyway...

Artwork's not that great but those who played the game will recognise the familiar apartment you start off with in the game. There's a lot of familiar locations that appear. Plenty of cameos from the game's cast too, even the gameplay itself.

The show's filled with gore and the odd graphic sensual scenes right off the bat just like the game too, much more so than your regular Anime show. Maybe close to Ghost in The Shell or even Psycho-Pass. Actually felt like watching those late night Manga Entertainment shows in the UK when it was mostly sensual, gore filled shows you could find in stores. Only the art is a lot less detailed. Trigger's other works are tame compared to this.

The vibe of the game's there but the trope cast of characters fairly much shout out Anime too. Even the game studio were on the fence when Trigger suggested introducing your familiar angry cute character, Rebecca into the show and needed convincing apparently. She is fairly much the comic relief of the show as it goes in most Anime when most of it is so dark being cyberpunk and all. And Lucy's full name is "Lucyna Kushinada" named after the game producer's mother too apparently.

It feels like they took a trope cast of characters and plonked them into the game's world and it works when there's plenty of familiar psycho, cool character types until you remember what the characters in the game itself are like then suddenly, they feel out-of-place.

That said, it's packed with the enthusiasm and intense, fast paced action that Trigger shows are known for. Definitely kept me watching and almost finished the entire show in one watch. Only thing that stops me from recommending the show is the cyberpunk setting isn't anything new or original but otherwise, Trigger does what they do best and there's plenty to spot for those who enjoyed the game.

Best way to describe this game based spin-off show is your Anime trope POV of Night City. It's a cruel, romance heavy action show but if you've played the game, you know what to expect really and it's cyberpunk. There ain't no rest for the wicked.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners


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