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Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness (2022, Encourage Films)

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Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness (2022, Encourage Films)


Worth A Watch

After Nagomu's band disbanded, he returns to his family's Wagashi (Japanese confectionary) business in Kyoto. There, he discovers his family had become the guardians of ten year old Itsuka Yukihara who was abandoned by her father at the store. Now, Itsuka helps out at the store after school and is determined to become a responsible person. As such, she doesn't take much of a liking towards Nagomu who she considers to irresponsible, running away from his responsibilities. However, easy going Nagomu isn't dragged down easily and begins his Wagashi training while trying to befriend Itsuka and hoping she'd never feel alone.

First impressions are the static but colourful and fairly beautiful backgrounds that match the show's cheery mood. Being set in Kyoto I'm sure anyone who has visited Japan to visit the big tour spots will recognise locations like the station straight away. There's no fan service except for a short pool scene that lasts less than half an episode.

Reactions are comical and you've got an elderly man smacking his son, sending him flying through the door so it really doesn't take itself seriously. It's as laid back as the slow opening song. Modern issues such as online fame and bullying are presented but get resolved quite quickly so it won't feel too much on the realistic side or relatable. Still, they can give you a different perspective on matters.

The main plot was fairly obvious where it was heading but it's a fun, wholesome slice-of-life show with a bit of romcom thrown in as we watch all the characters go about their daily lives at thes store. There's some trivia about Wagashi and Kyoto itself too such as green maple leaves are known as "kaede, 楓" representing restraint, self-control in the Japanese flower language while once they're red, they're known as "momiji, 紅葉".

Don't miss the bonus scenes after the credits for the odd episode.

Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness


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