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Hatsune Miku Nendoroid

Right, I gave in. After watching the Nendoroid dance and Vocaloid 2 videos, I finally decided to purchase the Hatsune Miku figure. This is the 33rd figure in the Nendoroid series and it's the first figure that I've imported (not counting the free Gashapon ones YesAsia gives away) so lets see what's here.

It's also the first time I ordered from HobbyLink Japan and it seems their packaging is as good as Amazon's. The goods are tightly sealed away by a piece of film to prevent it moving about inside the box. Shipping isn't too expensive either for this large item, coming in at around £4. Took about 2 weeks to get here by SAL. It's cheaper than using HMV or Amazon... Play-Asia on the other hand, just didn't have a re-stock date so I didn't order with them this time.

Seems the figure is still very popular in demand because the summer batch appears to be sold out everywhere. Won't be until December until Good Smile produces the next batch. Character designer must have earned quite a bit from royalties by now.

And here's the figure out of the box with all the different pieces for changing poses such as the little arms, hands and leg. Kind of creepy with those faces lined along the bottom.

All the little parts that make up the head and that has to be removed before changing Miku's face.

Here's one of the poses shown on the box with Miku slightly bending one leg.

The famous leek when Miku puts on that shocked expression in the Vocaloid video. There's also a little stand for Miku to sit on. The box says the figure can't stand on its own but, her two long strands of hair (don't know what they're called!) actually holds supports her up...

Not much difference in the two different hairstyles eh?

Here she is with the new face and "Loituma Girl" leek pose from the video.

And again with her strands of hair up. Works with her expression. Stand can't keep her up in this pose!

The little joints that keep Miku together. Looks like Good Smile likes to stick smiley faces on them.

Normal Miku, the way she came in the box.

Looks just as cute without the two strands of hair which also happens to be detachable.

Think I'll be keeping her in this pose!

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Omg, This doll things are soo cute. i want one so bad but i live in canada, T~T!!! idk if they would ship my parents would prob say no. xD




ok thanks



Xcomp Author

Hmmm, all I can really say is it's 10cm in height.




hi can you tell me how cm your hatsune miku figure mesure please? ^_^



Xcomp Author

Sure, feel free to use it!

Not really into figures but, saw too much of this one and it wasn't at the price of a full height figure so...

Yes, that kimono looks really nicely painted. I think this is the difference between figures and toys really. So detailed and well rendered.




"Think I’ll be keeping her in this pose!"

Good choice! That last pose is also my pick of the lot.

I don't have any nendoroids in my collection, but that may soon change. I saw LOL Fang-tan on sale at a certain online retail site and I'm awfully tempted to pick her up.

By the way, have you seen Good Smile's 1/7 Ryougi Shiki (due out in November)? I was sufficiently impressed to submit a pre-order, even though I've never seen Kara no Kyoukai.




I haven't seen this available for purchase in model shops I frequent. But I'm definitely picking this up for the smiley joints and unstoppable leak.

Buahaha she looks like a rabbit in one of your photos!! If you don't mind I'll use some of these as msn icons xD!!