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The PSP-3000, Now with Built-in Mic and Anti-glare

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The PSP-3000, Now with Built-in Mic and Anti-glare

Looks like Sony's really following Nintendo's ways of releasing new versions of their portables. It's only been a year since the PSP Slim was released but, prepare yourselves for the new PSP-3000 model which is due in October.

Taking a look at Famitsu's comparison, there really isn't a lot of changes to this latest model. Perhaps the greatest change is the addition of a built-in microphone allowing users to take advantage of the Skype internet phone service that the PSP supports.

Then there's also a better anti-glare coating on the improved sharper screen which can be seen on the bottom PSP so that those playing outside will be able to see it better.

Other minor changes are pretty much cosmetic. You'll notice the "P" logo is gone from above the D-Pad and is now replaced by Sony's company name. On the back you can see the metallic ring has been shrunk too.

Think I'll be sticking to my "PSP Phat" until it breaks. Now where's that third version of the Nintendo DS?

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Xcomp Author

I know how you feel. I bought the first DS long before the Lite came out. The fun of technology eh?

Yes, been a while since they brought Skype to the PSP but currently you need to have the mic that comes with the Talkman language titles.




Skype, using PSPs, eh? Interesting....



Maku tama

gahh~ I just bought a psp slim and now there's a new one??!! with mic??!! >_< noooo~