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Episode 2 Summary - The Dream Demon & Vampire

Tsukune gets up in the morning, writing another message that can't be sent to his family. He was glad he had a dorm room all to himself. After all, he was staying in a school full of Youkais that eat humans like him. Leaving his room, he found many of the students were out of their humans forms. There's always someone ignoring the rules right? So much for keeping your human disguise and true identity a secret.

A typical morning at Youkai Academy?

As Tsukune and the guys set off for school, they catch eye of the recent transfer student and is completely entranced by her cuteness. It was Moka Ayashiya. She looks up, face brightening as she looked ahead. The guys held out their arms in reception as she ran up towards them but it obviously wasn't them she was delighted to see. It was Tsukune Aono of course. Giving him a big hug, they walk off holding one another. The guys steam up with jealousy but didn't dare to try anything since they heard Tsukune managed to defeat the big Saizou. Meanwhile, another girl concealed behind a tree smiles with a knowing look on her face.

What's she up to?

Moka had now accepted the fact Tsukune was a human and worried that he would feel lonely in a school full of Youkai, she reassures him that she will always be there to help him. They stand gazing at each other as if they were in their own little world. It was then did Tsukune find out Moka was blushing because she hadn't had breakfast yet. She takes a quick bite before Tsukune runs off, not liking the idea that he was just a meal in the eyes of Moka.

She scared Tsukune away.

Walking along alone, Tsukune continues to dwell on the fact that Moka was a vampire. Her bites didn't hurt and left no mark but it just didn't feel right for him to be with a vampire. What if her other self had gone out of control? He really doesn't know what he should be doing at this Youkai school. Suddenly, he sees a troubled girl before him who appears to be unwell by the lake. Hearing him approach, the girl looks up. Tsukune was surprised at how cute she was. He walks up and gives her a hand up only to feel her leaning heavily onto him. He wasn't expecting this. Trying to keep calm, Tsukune helps her towards the school nurse's office.

There she is!

Back at the main school building, Moka was upset about how she couldn't hold herself back whenever she smells Tsukune's blood. She decides to go find him and apologise.

Downstairs by the vending machine, the blue haired girl from earlier was thanking Tsukune for his help but, something didn't seem right about her. She was another Youkai after all. Just as Tsukune's suspicions begin to grow, the girl leans onto him again. She apologises saying she had always been weak since she was born and sometimes a strange feeling enters her chest. A moment later, Tsukune finds out the girl was Kurumu Kuruno and he was falling under her control.

Tsukune just can't resist her charm.

Moka arrives at the scene and she is surprised to see another girl holding onto Tsukune. Before Moka could say anything, Tsukune turns her away saying that he doesn't want to be Moka's breakfast again. Those were harsh words for Moka. The girl chips in, saying it must have been a terrible experience for Tsukune. However, something was odd. Tsukune found he couldn't control his actions or his words.

Tsukune doesn't want to be treated like breakfast again.

After class, Moka leaves the room early without waiting for Tsukune. She drinks her can of tomato juice furiously as she stands in the corridor, annoyed at how easily Tsukune fell under Kurumu's charm. Just then, Kurumu appears to confront her. Jumping over the rail, Kurumu reveals that she heard rumours Moka was a vampire and is going to challenge her.

Moka was now considered a hindrance to Kurumu's great plan which, was to turn the academy into her harem where every male in the school will be her slave. As a succubus, it was the the perfect plan. She had been succeeding until Moka stole her glamour and became the new centre of attention. Now to get her own back, Kurumu is going to show just how great she is by stealing Tsukune from her.

Kurumu wants to turn the school into a harem for herself.

As the tension rises between the two girls, Tsukune finally catches up with Moka. He wanted to speak with her but before he could finish his sentence, he was under Kurumu's charm again. Moka couldn't do anything to separate them even though she knew Kurumu's true intentions. To make things worst, Kurumu whispers to Moka that she noticed a very different smell about Tsukune. It was as if he was human. Kurumu continues to pile on the pressure accusing Moka of befriending Tsukune just because of his blood. Moka bursts into tears and runs off. Kurumu has won.

Hurt by Tsukune's words, Moka runs off.

Now alone together in the nurse's office, Kurumu was gloating over her victory remembering Moka's crying face while Tsukune was feeling really bad about what happened earlier. He tries to leave the room only to be stopped by Kurumu. Knowing what he was thinking, she holds onto him tightly and offers to comfort him.

Outside, Moka is once again dwelling on her own actions. Was she really just after Tsukune's blood? Amidst her confusion, Moka suddenly hears a voice. Her rosario was glowing. The voice tells her that Tsukune was being controlled by a power known as the "Evil Eye". What's more, if he continued to stay that way, his life force will eventually be drained from him with a kiss. Before Moka could ask more, the voice fades away. She gets up, determined to find Tsukune before it's too late.

It speaks!

Back in the nurse's office, Tsukune was lying back on a bed with Kurumu leaning over him, a bit embarrassed because it was the first time she used her power. Just as she leans in to give him that kiss of death, Tsukune suddenly grabs her tightly. He's broken out of her control and wasn't going to let her use her hypnotic gaze again. Seeing that her charms no longer worked on Tsukune, she was angered at how all the embarrassing things she done was all for nothing. Kurumu reveals her full true form as her giant wings bursts out from her back. Refusing to lose, she decides to kill anything associated with Moka.

Much to Tsukune's relief, Moka bursts in just in time to knock Kurumu out of the way. She tells him that Kurumu's a succubus, a demon that has the power to control men with their eyes. Before they could run to safety, Kurumu grabs hold of Tsukune by the neck with her tail. Moka tries to grab on and together they are lifted into the air. The weight was too much for Kurumu so the pair are dropped into the forest.

Posing for the camera.

It was a good chance for Kurumu. Now she could finish them both off. With nails extended, she swoops in for the kill but misses them, felling only a number of trees. As she flies in again, Moka urges Tsukune to remove her rosario or they would both be killed. However, the rosario wouldn't even budge this time. As Kurumu closes in for the kill, Moka reveals that she was willing to sacrifice herself to save Tsukune. She didn't just like Tsukune because of his blood. She didn't want to lose him because he was her very first and important friend.

Kurumu claws through the trees.

Hearing that, the courage in Tsukune begins to swell too. Moka was his friend too and he did not want to drag her down. Standing up to shield her from Kurumu's attack, the rosario breaks free. With a burst of red light, Moka transforms and Kurumu is stunned at the great aura she senses from the rare 'S' Class Youkai vampire that was before her. But Kurumu wasn't going to give up. She can't lose for the sake of her race. With the succubus at the edge of extinction, she needs to choose the man of her destiny so that her race can continue to survive. Nothing will get in her way.

Youkai battle time.

Unfortunately, the power between Kurumu and Vampire Moka was too great. Kurumu was no match for her and lasted seventy six seconds only. Annoyed at Moka flying all over the place, Vampire Moka prepares to tear off her wings and tail. Just then Tsukune steps in to stop her. Even though Kurumu tricked and almost killed him, he feels that deep down Kurumu isn't really a bad girl. He's sure they can get along in the future just like he did with Moka. Kurumu bursts out crying and Vampire Moka slips on the rosario seal again, saying that she's only doing all this because she doesn't want his blood to be taken away by anyone else unlike the other Moka who actually cares.

Protagonist is always the nice guy.

The next morning, Moka and Tsukune are together again. She tells him about how the rosario spoke to her the other day. They don't know why it happened when it should have been sealed but, Tsukune doesn't really mind either versions of Moka. Just as the two fall into their own world again, Kurumu suddenly greets them loudly, "Morning!" She had baked some cookies and was offering Tsukune some. She had decided that Tsukune is the fated one that she's after since he tried to protect her earlier. Running up to embrace Tsukune, a tug of war ensues between the girls.

Where have I seen this before?

Next episode, "The Little Witch and Vampire".


If the show continues like this then it's just going to end up like all the other Anime I download, skim and just archive. The first half of it was just completely fan service. More than the first episode I would say. Is every character going to get their own special fan service move in the show? Moka likes to wiggle around and this new character Kurumu likes to rub her chest against others. It's so excessive that it makes one wonder if there would still be a show if they filtered it all out.

When we finally get into a bit of story in the second half, it's still pretty generic going for that common "all the girls going after the same guy" harem route. The only thin thread of interest going was when Moka stopped to think if she really was treating Tsukune as a friend or, was she just after his blood. Then there's that little mystery about her other self.

I didn't quite get as many laughs as I did from this episode but, where have I heard that cheezy "La la la la~" tune from before during the romance scenes? Chobits?

It was also very odd suddenly hearing Koyasu's serious voice (Ryo from Persona Trinity Soul) out of no where. He voices the mysterious commentating bat in this show. Didn't know until now since I don't usually bother with the credits but this time I did after hearing that familiar voice. Now I'm probably going to think, "Hey! It's Mystery Bat!" when I watch the next episode of Persona tomorrow...

But anyway, judging from the opening "Cosmic Love", there should be another three episodes where they'll be introducing the heroines. Is it a coincidence or does the opening contain a lot of spoilers for this episode? I guess the spoiler cautious will be complaining about this if they do it in every episode. Either way, I prefer the rocky ending, "Dancing in the Velvet Moon" more which is also sung by Nana Mizuki, Moka's voice actress. Not so much as to put the song onto my DMP mind you but it may grow on me.

I haven't read the Manga so I don't really know what to expect beyond this point. Hopefully there's better comedy to come.

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