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Pentavision Preparing for DJ Max Portable 3?

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Pentavision Preparing for DJ Max Portable 3?

While browsing around hoping to find some new clean scans for Code Geass Lost Colors, I came across an interesting topic on Ruliweb.

According to the poster, Pentavision is currently recruiting staff for a new rhythm game. They need a client programmer and a project planner for the Xbox 360 and also, two game programmers and a graphics artist in general. I'm not sure if this means they're working on two new titles or just the one because it doesn't say. What's certain is it will be a console title, Xbox 360 exclusive or not since it says, "experience in arcade or console games would be an advantage".

Could this be DJ Max Portable 3?

DJ Max Portable

I really don't see them moving away from the PSP if it is. Maybe there will be an Xbox 360 version and a PSP version.

As for new features, I think a new Story Mode centralised around EL and her band would be good. You would progress by completing missions where you have to achieve a certain accuracy rate and this time, the difficulty setting will affect how hard these missions are. In DJMP2, some of the missions were insanely tough and there was no option to lower the difficulty so adjustable settings would be good. I'd also like to see more animated cutscenes because the openings been really good so far. All the other modes should stay intact too.

I also hope they make the songs better than DJMP2. I still play the PSP rhythm games now and then but mostly just the first game. The second game's music doesn't quite stick as much even though it had a great number of improvements made to the game system.

That aside, still no news of their S4 League Portable shooter.

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