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Project A-Ko (1986, APPP/Soeishinsha)

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Project A-Ko (1986, APPP/Soeishinsha)



16 years ago a meteor had struck Earth but the area has just re-built itself. A-ko and C-ko are the latest transfer students to Graviton High. The loud talkative C-ko immediately catches the attention of class prodigy B-ko. And so B-ko tries to ruin their relation so she can have C-ko to herself, unaware of A-ko's superhuman strength. Meanwhile, an alien ship approaches Earth to retrieve their princess only to find themselves stranded. And so begins the strange new daily lives of our new acquintances.

Yes, there are characters just called D and E too... Even have a teacher "Ayumi" whose character is based on Creamy Mami.

It's a weird 4 part action sci-fi comedy OVA and it clearly doesn't make any attempt to look intelligent either with random phrases used in place of literature or science. Direction is filled with your cliche Anime moments. Girl late for school, transfer students getting bullied. It kicks off with a Yuri lesbian love relation at the all girls school but there's actually straight romance too. If it wasn't for all the fan service, you'd think it's a kid's show since the same joke gets repeated throughout series.

Otherwise the aesthetics are good apart from the very bad flashing that a lot of these 80s HD remasters suffer from sadly. Music is too with a very nostalgic backing soundtrack for that time's Anime along with good ending theme songs.

It's like your cute pretty girls doing silly things full of fan service. A lot of "manly" ladies too since most of the cast are female.

Project A-ko


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