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Creators Collection: Tony Taka, Tomoe Nakahara 1/7 Scale Figure, CN Version Review


Creators Collection: Tony Taka, Tomoe Nakahara 1/7 Scale Figure, CN Version Review

Picked up this figure because I just like ones with traditional Japanese clothing. This is one of Tony Taka's original character designs that isn't actually featured in any works.

So, let's have a look at a bootleg version of Tony Taka's 18+ Only, Tomoe Nakahara "Invitation" 1/7 Scale Figure originally sold back in 2015 September for 16,000 Yen (£105).

Bootleg figures smaller than 1/6 tend to be badly done but that doesn't seem to be the case here. This actually looks good and is close to the authentic figure.

This is probably the most complex figure I've come across because it actually has a lot of parts.

  • Paper Parasol
    • Cane, Rib, Cover (2x Copies)
  • Bench
  • Bench Cloth
  • Figure
    • Legs, Undergarment.

Parasol rib actually arrived with one rib broken. It hadn't completely snapped but as with most bootlegs, it didn't fit onto the figure as it was supposed to so.I gave it up after the first photo.

Getting the red bench cloth to drape in a nice way was too difficult for me ^^;

Without the parasol it's not that big since she's sitting down - about 17cm widest.

No giant circular base this time, just a natural looking bench which actually has a magnet in it to keep the figure in place. Would have been nicer if it had some texture but I suppose it gets covered by the red cloth anyway.

Usually I don't bother with a photo of the parts because there's very few and assembly is so simple but, it's a bit more complex this time. And yes, there's a groove on the bench to show you where Tomoe should be sitting.

The paper quality for the parasol is very crude compared to the nicer tissue paper the authentic figure comes with. The bench's cloth on the other hand, looks quality.

More parts than usual.

Expression isn't exactly like the original as usual but it's really close. And yes, there's bits of brown thread on the hair that came on the figure.

Facial expression doesn't look out of place.

The detail on the kimono looks great.

Kimono detail.

Even though this was a bootleg, they put in a lot of effort. It's probably the best bootleg I've seen now, better than the Scathach bootleg figure even.

Lots of effort here.

But there's your usual bad finish that give the telltale signs it's a bootleg. There isn't as much black specks of dirt this time but you can see glue spilling off some areas such as here near the hand. Not as bad as the Shiki bootleg figure though.

Too much glue visible as with most bootlegs.

Other than that, can't fault the finish on the kimono when they've replicated the detail like this. It's what separates toys from sculpted (expensive) scale figures.

Detail, detail.

Black getas seem to complement the red nicely.

Black getas.

As mentioned earlier, the parasol doesn't fit and as with most figures that come with giant props, they fit through the hair and onto the base somewhere. In this case, there's a hole in the kimono for holding the parasol.

You might also have noticed from the first photo I used some Blu Tack to put the red cover on the parasol temporarily.

Hole for the parasol.

This particular bootleg was sold unboxed so I can't compare it to the authentic packaging but, it'll probably be missing logos and holographic stickers of approval as usual no doubt.

It did replicate all the instructions and even the bonus Tony Taka illustrated postcard that came with it.

They replicated the bonus postcard too.

Even has English... I guess T2 has quite a fanbase outside of Japan.

English instructions.

Photos of the authentic figure can be found on Native's Blog, Akiba Hobby and Maruran's Blog - all NSFW of course.

Bootleg Characteristics

  • They will actually label the figure "China version".
  • Visible excessive glue.
  • Parasol cover should be softer tissue paper.
  • Parasol doesn't fit.

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