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Persona 4 Dancing All Night

ゲームレビュー Persona 4

Persona 4 Dancing All Night


Yet, another spin-off Persona 4 game from Atlus, exploring genres they've never been in before. Well, not really... Arena was developed by Arc System Works well known for their popular Guilty Gear fighter games and now DAN was developed by Sega who already has experience in rhythm games such as their recent Hatsune Miku series.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Anyway, taking part after Persona 4, the gang takes part in a programme called, "Kizuna Festival" and rumours have it that if you watch a video on the internet at midnight, you'll find out the next idol that will disappear.

Persona 4 gang are back for the 6th time.

As a result of this, the gang is whisked away into the world of Mayonaka again. So again, the premise of the story is pretty much the same. Similar to the fighter games, there's a lot of text so most of the game is more like a visual novel. Fortunately you can skip right to the rhythm game or you'd rather fast forward so you can enjoy the artwork, you can too.

Dance, dance, dance!

Mechanism is pretty much the same - hit a note in time to the music. A bit of difference is wiggling the joysticks (stop giggling) to do some scratching and boost your score. Then an extra character comes to dance with you.

Jiraiya grooving

So instead of dishing out commands for Shadow boss fights, you have to successfully hit notes to a song without the shadows losing their enthusiasm to win. Fun, eh? It actually doesn't work that bad.

Similar to other rhythm games, you unlock new songs as you progress or there is a free dance mode to play whatever song you like. You earn points to that allow you unlock the usual fan service based swimwear costumes for ladies and what not.

Teddy and Naoto

A lot of the music are from the Persona 4 games that have been released so far and not all of them are that great to tap to compared to other games such as Ouendan or DJ Max... However, once the remixes start kicking in, it does get better and I recommend wearing headphones/earphones as most of the beats are in the form of bass or drums that you won't hear much of through the PSV's speakers. That's when you really feel the beat.

Beautiful and creepy

Presentation is top-notch and it reminded me how great the PS Vita screen can be. Great character designs, backgrounds and voice acting. The designs can be as creepy as they are beautiful as usual with Atlus.

As a Persona 3/4 fan, seeing the gang back again was great and Atlus didn't skimp on the presentation side of things. As a rhythm game, Persona 4 Dancing All Night plays well and delivers to its fans.


  • Persona 4 gang's back for more Shadow fighting fun.
  • Some great remixes of past P4 soundtracks.
  • Beautiful, detailed artwork.


  • Lots of text. Yet to come across a rhythm game that's mostly a visual novel like this.


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