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Persona 4 The Golden / Vita Trophies Revealed? ::

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Persona 4 The Golden / Vita Trophies Revealed? ::

It seems the trophies for Persona 4 Golden/Vita has been leaked. Don't read on in case you're worried about spoilers!

If you don't know what trophies are, they're basically "side quests" for games on the Playstation 3 and Vita that you can fulfill to get a nice icon on your online PSN profile... Sounds pretty pointless but, I think they help extend a game's lifespan because the next time you decide to pick up the game again, you'll have more goals to go for. It also shows how much you enjoyed a game and let fellow gamers know.

They're also very handy for finding out what a game has in-store since each trophy comes with a description. So according to this, you'll be saving Marie the new character... I keep thinking Marie from the Evangelion 2.0 movie ^^;

Click on the image to view the full list of icons from the original source. Thanks to Kita-san for all the Persona franchise related news as usual.

So the 50 trophies are as follows:

Platinum - 1
Gold - 3
Silver - 6
Bronze - 40

Platinum "Golden Ruler" Obtain all trophies
Gold "Persona Grimoire Guru" Completed the Persona List.
Gold "The One with Power" Defeated Magaret
Gold "Obtained the Truth" Defeated Izanami.
Silver "Welcome Back" Rescued Marie.
Silver "Persona Grimoire Expert" Completed 50% of the Persona Compendium.
Silver "The One Who Reaps the Reaper" Defeated Death
Silver "Perfect Character" Maxed out all parameters.
Silver "The Power of Truth" Successfully created Izanami Ookami
Silver "Legend of Inaba" Maxed out all social links.
Bronze "Fashion Advisor" Changed costumes for battle.
Bronze "I'm worried about you" Went to visit Nanako 3 times.
Bronze "Card Collector" Collected 100 skill cards.
Bronze "Shutdown the Strip Club" Rescued Rise Kujikawa.
Bronze "And The Fog Clears" Apprehended Tooru Adachi.
Bronze "Nice Attack" Began battle with a pre-emptive attack
Bronze "Hard Attacker" Surpassed 999 damage in a single attack.
Bronze "Battle Tactician" Exploited weaknesses 100 times.
Bronze "Bibliomania" Read all books.
Bronze "Food Fighter" Tasted everything on Aika's Special Menu.
Bronze "Persona Buyer" Bought something from the Persona Compendium.
Bronze "My Adventure Ends" Apprehended Kubo Mitsuo
Bronze "Asked Marie for a Favour" Registered a skill card.
Bronze "A Friend of Everyone's Desires" Bought something 5 times from Jika Net.
Bronze "The Other Me" Obtained the Persona Izanagi.
Bronze "Lucky!" Won something from a vending machine.
Bronze "Emergency Lab Lockdown" Rescued Naoto Shirogane.
Bronze "Talent at a Glance" Got top marks in the tests.
Bronze "It's Working Today" Bought something from the Capsule vending machines.
Bronze "Superior Command Tower" Performed an All Out Attack 50 times.
Bronze "Fusion Pro" Performed 50 fusions.
Bronze "Angel Rescue" Rescued Nanako Dojima
Bronze "Birth of a New Quiz King" Won the Mayonaka Crossing Miracle Quiz.
Bronze "Movie Critic" Went to watch a movie 3 times at Okina City
Bronze "A Grip on Desires" Defeated a Gold Hand.
Bronze "Passionate Rise Fan" Listened to Rise advice 250 times.
Bronze "That Special Girl" In a special relationship with one of the characters.
Bronze "Distinct Fusion" Created a fusion using 4 Personas or more.
Bronze "A Prince Appears" Rescued Yukiko Amano.
Bronze "A Real Man" Rescued Kanji Tatsumi.
Bronze "True Bond" Maxed all social links.
Bronze "God of Fortune" Got an All Get Bonus 50 times.
Bronze "Master of Bonds" Maxed 10 social links.
Bronze "Countermeasures" Changed Persona 5 times in a single battle.
Bronze "The Man Who Cooks for Himself" Successfully made a Bentou 5 times.
Bronze "Bug Hunter" Caught a bug at the best timing.
Bronze "Good Shopper" Bought a croquette Souzai Daigaku.
Bronze "A Man Who Comprehends Greatness" Drank coffee at the cafe.
Bronze "Fishing Master" Caught the Sea King.
Bronze "Right in Front of Your Nose" An accident occurred while fusing.

As a reminder, this game is due in Japan on June 14th while the US will see it October 23rd. It contains a whole bunch of new features - probably more than Persona 3 Portable got such as...

  • Asking for help online if you're wiped out in a dungeon.
  • Asking other players online before making a decision during dialogue.
  • New Anime cutscenes and events such as the ski trip.
  • New character Marie.

That said, I'm not planning to pick up a PS Vita until there are more games on it that I want to play ^^;

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