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A Look at the Uniqlo Official Evangelion 2.0 Movie T-shirts

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A Look at the Uniqlo Official Evangelion 2.0 Movie T-shirts

Went ahead and ordered a few official Uniqlo Evangelion 2.0 t-shirts from London's Uniqlo store which offers a one off, flat rate postage and packaging fee so if you're ordering, it's best if you ordered more than one item.

Although most online stores offer free postage, Uniqlo doesn't but arrived the next day after dispatch. I was expecting to sign for the package since it's tracked but I just found it through the letter box. No cardboard packaging, just a neatly packed Uniqlo branded white bag.

The UK store doesn't have all the styles available in Japan and even if they were all in stock, there weren't many designs I liked. I prefer the subtle designs that the average person would only see as a pattern instead of as "cartoons" while only fans will recognise what it really is.

Originally I thought the designs would be in plastic the way most printed t-shirts are but almost everything is actually in felt including the words which means they should last through more washes?

That said, this particular t-shirt from the London store is made in China and not in Japan unlike the stock they have in Hong Kong so you might want to take that into consideration about quality.

This t-shirt's is design A00.09. The Nerv logo is hardly subtle - it's big but I like it...

Whole bunch of "rubbish" that someone can read off my back ^^;

They're actually quotes from the movie, mostly from Misato and Shinji talking about what Nerv is during the first episode or rebuild movie.

Wanted the black version of this t-shirt too but the London store doesn't have it.

As with all Uniqlo merchandise clothing, comes with a nice descriptive tag which I'll be keeping.

The t-shirts were going for £7.99 for maybe a week before it reverted back to the full £12.99.

Full front view of the t-shirt...

And the back.

And these two (C00-78) were from HK. Got my brother to pick them up for me while he was there ^^;

Nothing's in felt but the print quality feels good.

Not a lot of writing on the back either. Just the Evangelion 2.0 logo and the cardboard tag that comes with it is the same too.

I think it's subtle enough that it just looks like a pattern at a glance or at distance but look closely and you can see the three Eva units during the scene where they're running to stop the Angel from impact.

A look at the back too.

Got the purple version too for variation.

You have to remember the size differences between the US, EU and Asia... It seems what is considered small in the UK is considered a medium in Asia.

Guess Western guys in general have a bigger body build?

I only discovered Uniqlo from my last trip in HK and I think they have a good balance between the pricing and clothes quality. Designs aren't all that great but there has to be a trade off somewhere.

Anyway, better start saving up for Evangelion 3.0: Q!

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Pop Up Tee

The t-shirt design looks so cool and definitely will look cool when worn. The design is superb and the fans of the Evangelion movies will definitely love it. I love the movie and the theme is so amazing. I have been looking for cool t-shirt designs for the movie for a while now. Thanks for sharing with us.




Hey when the info Evangelion 3.0 t-shirts will be available?



LHY Author

I don't know. This just happened to be a Uniqlo campaign for Eva 2.0. I think you'll be able to find plenty of alternatives though.




I love it when I come home to that UNIQLO package, I love the uniquely styled women's clothing from UNIQLO, and the prices, and of course the quality!




Felt is best hand washed, I learned this from experience regarding machine washing a top from HK my mum bought for me. Felt will clump and become liable to attracting all the disgusting dust balls of lint in the wash. But judging by your images, I suspect it's Velvet and not felt, attached via fabric glue and velvet puffs.. so if that's so, also hand wash to avoid the sorrow of having all of it come off and leaving a depressing residue henna-like shadow behind... unless you're going for that VINTAGE 90s look =D

I like the purple top best~ *_* but I've spent too much lately on wigs, artbooks and other memorabelia I really shouldn't have X-x



LHY Author

Thanks for the info! The tag only says it's "100% Cotton" and doesn't mention anything about the logo. I'm not that familiar with fabrics and how to care for them ^^;




dude congratss!

where i can buy them!?



LHY Author

I'm afraid I don't know any online stores that ship these internationally. Just locally in the UK or HK.