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倫敦BFI Southbank「日本動畫週末」會上映新世紀福音戰士:破和雷頓大冒險:永遠的歌姬


倫敦BFI Southbank「日本動畫週末」會上映新世紀福音戰士:破和雷頓大冒險:永遠的歌姬


Those of you who missed the Evangelion 2.0 premiere here in Glasgow because you were down in England will now have a chance to see it yourselves on the big screen. BFI Southbank in London is holding an "Anime Weekend" next May and amongst its line up will include both Evangelion Rebuild movies, as well as Level 5 puzzle game based Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva movie.

About two years ago, the very same venue had hosted a live interview with Makoto Shinkai, producer of works such as 5 Centimetres per Second and The Days Promised in Our Early Days.


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