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Sky Shot at Cowcaddens ::


Sky Shot at Cowcaddens ::

Been a while since I made an entry in the photography section so while I was out yesterday to pick up my tickets for the Evangelion 2.0 UK premiere, I decided to go for a little location hunting again.

Sky and silhouette shots are very common so making such photos stand out is tough but then again, photography is art so what one likes is a matter of personal preference - It might just be a picture you flip through and forget or, it might be one that you can spend time on admiring the details. I liked the way this one turned out, though. The night sky starting to creep in while the golden sunset can still be seen in the horizon and a skeleton structure to the left instead of your usual solid shapes.

This was shot at the Cowcaddens side of Glasgow where some of the more older structures are such as the Glasgow School of Art and Charles Mackintosh House is. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a high spot that isn't crowded by buildings to take clean shots of the whole city.

Didn't bring a tripod with me either because I hadn't planned on taking any night shots but even at 100% view the edges in the distant structures remain sharp enough. Still want my f/2.8 standard zoom lens though so that's easier to take shots in low light... Or maybe I should go for a wide angle zoom that's less than 18mm in focal length if I end up pursuing landscape photography.

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Nice man, great framing, love the SKY & the, Oval lights? very Neon, Evangelion all round.