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Evangelion 2.22 DVD and Blu-Ray Releases in May with Film Strips ::


Evangelion 2.22 DVD and Blu-Ray Releases in May with Film Strips ::

Amazon JP has listed the Japanese releases of both the DVD and Blu-ray versions of Evangelion 2.0 for May 26th. The good news is, both will have first press editions available this time apparently so that anyone who prefer the High Definition copy of the movie won't miss out on the collector's items like the last time with the first movie!

As revealed in an interview before, the increase in version number means there will be several "re-adjustments" made to the movie. But considering how 1.11 only had an extra 3 minutes more than 1.01, I wouldn't hold my breathe.

The collector's item that comes with the First Press edition will once again be a film strip with a random scene from the movie too. Both versions of the movie are available for pre-order on Play-Asia if you want to avoid Amazon JP's expensive handling and delivery charges but note there are no English subtitles!

So are there going to be crazy bids for film strips again like the US$2500 paid for a scene of Rei smiling towards the end of Eva 1.0?

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