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Local Library Computer and Printer Access ::


Local Library Computer and Printer Access ::

Been a long time since I visited my local library - Why use it when you're in uni or have access to the internet at home? Well, maybe for novels or if you would prefer to have tangible books before you.

Dropped in again after I needed something urgent printed off. My old inkjet printer's head failed again just when I needed it. It was working fine for a number of weeks ago. I think it's around every two years this happens.

So, being out of uni now I thought I would try the library. Turns out they've renewed the cards from the old blue and white ones to this purplish one now which apparently gives you discounts at other local facilities.

Library Card

You also need your library card number and PIN to access the computers which are limited to 1 hour sessions. I was told if you need to print anything, you send it off to the printer then go to the counter to pay (about 10p per black and white sheet). Was a bit worried about privacy but found out after you pay, you just walk over to the printer to collect the sheets.

Aside from that, it's interesting to see even the local libraries are using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Maybe it's because of the recent news that IE was partly what allowed hackers access to Google Mail accounts?

Firefox is starting to feel a bit bloated now even with the latest version. I would gladly switch over to Chrome or Opera if it didn't have some handy addons such as NoScript which lets you choose what Javascript sites can run and helps minimise online security risks.

library 図書館

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