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Microsoft Office 2007 Buyers May Get 2010 Upgrade Free? ::

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Microsoft Office 2007 Buyers May Get 2010 Upgrade Free? ::

According to PC Pro, a Microsoft blog had suggested that anyone who buys any version of Microsoft Office 2007 between March and September this year maybe eligible for a free upgrade to the latest version 2010.

I wonder if this applies to students who can buy (students in the US included) the Ultimate Edition for £40 instead of paying the RRP of £600?

Windows 7 Professional was also available for students at £30 instead of the RRP of £220 but the deal is now over unfortunately.

Microsoft Office 2010 for free?

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Xcomp Author

Hmmm, if you bought it then maybe you should have contacted them...

If it's just an activation problem then you might be able to ring up their automated activation phone line like I did. I had problems re-installing and activating it whenever I upgrade my PC.




I have a legit office home and student 2007... but upon installing it, I found that the key had already been used by someone else.

I considered calling microsoft, but my classmate next to me gave me their key-gen'd key.


I wonder how legal my actions were @_@