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First Images for Makoto Shinkai's Fourth Movie


First Images for Makoto Shinkai's Fourth Movie

It's just pass Christmas Eve and Makoto Shinkai has decided to reveal some art from an early image board of his fourth feature length movie. What great news before the New Year, eh?

The name of the movie is currently undecided and Shinkai isn't permitted to reveal what it's about. What he can say is that it will be centred around a young girl filled with action, adventure and love. There will be a number of themes but one of the main ideas is similar to his past works such as Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days and 5 Centimetres per Second - Focusing on loss and how one should live on.

Well, until the official site is up there will probably be no more details about this new movie so lets have fun guessing or speculating what these images may mean!

Early storyboard for Makoto Shinkai's fourth movie.

Looking at the banner itself, the line seems to say "The girl heads off in a journey to say farewell." Unfortunately, I can't make out the scribbles on the storyboard images but, it looks like it won't be set in a Western country after all despite his stay in London. Still, it will be interesting to see if his stay has changed his direction in any way. Also, judging by the announcement's URL, I'm guessing the final movie name will have the word "Sayounara (Farewell)" in it.

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Xcomp Author

I don't know... Is that a cat on Shinkai's front page banner? There's another smaller image under the news section that shows the protagonist feeding it a fish. Maybe its name is Chobi!




I got the impression from his discription that the protagonist may be more in the vein of Kanae from 5cm/s...it certainly sounds like the more gutsy type of character who bounces back and moves on, so if the movie is about her or a character like her I think it would be a well-timed departure while still keeping hold onto the things he does best.

It's heartening to see the Comix Wave Sky Shot is already in the planning for this one! There really isn't much to go on from a few sketched pics though, so we weill indeed be speculating for a while yet. Hell, I can't even see a clear view of Chobi in there!




Wherever he decided to put the start or the end of the journey, it looks beautiful from those 4 sketches, and I hope he adds a london-like city, I was there last summer and it has such a charm no other place has.

And I am glad that the movie doesn't give the impression that it has any sci-fi in it.
I was a little scared before. ;)



Xcomp Author

I was thinking his year long stay in London would have the bigger influence so that a large part of the movie will happen in a London-like city. But as you say, maybe the journey ends there from East to West... I'm reminded of the story "Journey to the West" now ^^;




My excitement grows by the day. The art is pretty rough, but it all carries his distinctive touch; I can't wait to see these scenes in finished form.

In any case, I don't think the art necessarily precludes a foreign setting, at least for part of the film. It could turn out to be a very long farewell journey, from one end of the earth to the other.




it's already obvious that his travels influenced his work on this upcoming movie.
I'm from Jordan, and I visited Syria, both in which Shinkai stayed this past year and gave workshops in.
Those drawings have the feeling any tourist gets when traveling to the middle east.
Another thing is that at least the images don't give he impression that the story will take place in tokyo or in a modern city for that matter which is a big turn Shinkai has taken in this work.
It is early to judge, I know, since he said that this will be the longest movie he made, but seeing as it's a journey he just might have some places that are western-related.

Sorry for the long comment ;)
and thanks for reading and sharing such news.




Holy shit, can't wait to see it! Big fan of all Shinkai's movies.

Thank you for this last great news in year 2009!