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Toy Story 3 Trailers Revealed


Toy Story 3 Trailers Revealed

Pixar's next movie "Toy Story 3" is going to be out next summer and the trailers are up.

Andy is grown up ready for college and the toys are panicking they will be abandoned. Instead it looks like they're donated to a nursery where the children make a complete mess of them and now they're trying to escape.

Toy Story 3

It's looking good so far. Wasn't very impressed with their last movie Up because it focused too much on the love story and got a bit repetitive watching Carl look back at his deceased wife all the time. I think I'm going to stop collecting all Pixar movies on DVD and miss out the less impressive ones.

pixar toy story 3

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Xcomp Author

Things beating other things up is adorable...? =O

Well, tech's moved on a lot since the first Toy Story so they can be more flexible with the 3D models now.




I thought the point of UP was about a person who must move one from the all-consuming aspects of grief and regret, which was symbolically represented by Carl and Russell acting as a ballast for the floating house. Obsession was a key theme in UP, both in Carl and in Charles Muntz (who was voiced by Christopher Plummer aka Sound of Music's Captain von Trapp!).

This screenshot made me realize how much things have changed since Toy Story and Toy Story 2, mostly because of the improved human designs for Andy and his mom. I saw this trailer when the US had the Toy Story double-feature special (which was for two weeks in theaters only). Andy and his mom were vastly different. Notwithstanding Andy's post-puberty-ness.




I loved UP ._. but I couldn't stop thinking about my friend's dad, he's got stuff from his deceased wife strewn about the house. I think I mostly enjoyed the film for the portrayal of Kevin, so colourful and angry for a tropical bird of his size.

But I liked the short animation prior to UP! even more so. I'm biased because I think all things sheep are awesome. The little billygoat beating up the stork was adorable =)... Do the Pixar dvds come with extras like that?