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M74 Motorway Construction Site


M74 Motorway Construction Site

The new M74 highway here has been under construction for some time now and I always pass by the site when going into town. Recently while on the bus I saw all these orange things laid out and immediately thought, "This should make a great photo!" so I ended up grabbing my DSLR and back out to shoot the scene. Not too familiar with the terms used at construction sites but the pillars will obviously be holding the highway up. Pity the fence is in the way!

Anyway, I'm now starting to prefer using Adobe Photoshop CS4 as my digital darkroom now because it can apply and preview changes so much faster than Paint Shop Pro even with high resolution images. Too bad the student version's still not cheap unlike Microsoft's Windows 7 Professional and Office 2009 Ultimate.

M74 motorway under construction.

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Xcomp Author

Ah, so that's what they're called! Thanks for asking ^^




I asked my dad since he's in construction.

He said they're most likely to be steel beams. They will be used to support the bridge(s) that will be built?