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Atlus Express Vol. 10 P3P Special

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Atlus Express Vol. 10 P3P Special

As expected, Atlus Express Vol. 10 talks about P3P due for release next week and answers some of the questions fans have sent in. Most of the article are points we already know but, in addition to the list Azusa Akido mentioned on the official blog, we have the following cleared up...

New Game and Maniac Difficulty

  • No matter which difficulty level you choose, in-game events are unaffected. However, note that choosing the highest difficulty level i.e. Maniac modeĀ  will not count towards your completion count. In other words, you won't gain access to "New Game+" if you choose it as your first play through and nothing will be inherited.
  • No matter if you choose to play as the Hero or Heroine then switch over for the "New Game+" - Levels, items and equipment will still be inherited.
  • In the Maniac mode, the AI has been improved so that the game won't be easier just because you can control your entire party this time.

S. Links

  • Akihiko and Shinji are confirmed as S. Links when playing as the Heroine.
  • Tomochika and Rio are childhood friends so if you play both as the Hero and Heroine, you will have a better idea of what Rio's character is like.
  • You can no longer Reverse your S. Links if you've neglected a friend for too long but you can still do so if you make the wrong decisions.
  • The Heroine's arcana is numbered XXII (22) to show she's a new character.

Data Install

  • The Data Install feature that speeds up loading times will take up 255MB on your PSP's Memory Stick. On the other hand, it is recommended you don't run this feature on the downloaded PSP Go version because it will have the opposite effect and slow down loading times.

Atlus Express Vol. 10

Well, the data install makes sense since the Memory Stick will be slower than the PSP Go's built-in memory.

Maybe I'll just play through the Beginner's difficulty level just to see all the dialogue changes with the Heroine...

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So far, from what I noticed with MShe's S. Links, it appears you can activate Yukari's S. Link much faster. The Hanged Man S. Link no longer appears on Sunday and has been moved on certain weekdays. I have yet to encounter the fat kid for Moon.

Akihiko's S. Link Arcana is Star. Perhaps Shinji is Moon since I didn't find the fat kid at the mall and you still have the Old Couple as an S. Link for Hierophant.



Silver moon arisato

Did Minako become Social link to ?




Akihiko instead of Hidetoshi
Junpei instead of Kenji
Ken instead of Chihiro
Shinji instead of Old Couple
Rio instead of Kazushi
Saori instead of Maya

Then we know Yukari, Fuuka and Mitsuru continue as S Links...

And none of the other are confirmed nor denied to be SLinks.

Can we cut the Moon guy? The fat kid whatever his name was.