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P3P Reminder Clips and Music Samples

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P3P Reminder Clips and Music Samples


Looks like the Silver Week holidays simply deterred the P3P website update for this week. The website now has the following added...

  • Characters Section - Akihiko, Fuuka, Ken added.
  • System - New Dark Hour, Social Link videos added.
  • Special - Music Samples 3 and 4 added.

None of it's new really if you've been following the torrent of news updates from the official blog and Famitsu's magazine. Music samples 3 and 4 were also already made available earlier when answering a hidden quiz correctly.

What is new is that we know the new Social Link, Saori Hasegawa, doesn't seem to like being talked to formally because it makes her uncomfortable, knowing that she's two years older than everyone else in her class. So be sure not to do that when playing as the Heroine.

Saori Hasegawa


もしご連絡しても宜しければメールアドレスもご入力下さい。迷惑会社- いや… 第三者等に提供することもしないのでご安心を。


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In that new battle video, Yukari is in her sexy suit~
The game's visual is now very similar to P4.




I like Saori way more than Hermit Maya. Don't really know why she has so many fans. She's not even similar the P2 Maya. Heck... she wasn't even Maya in the Japanese Persona 3... but rather A-ko or something like that.