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Two New Beast Player Erin Novels Published

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Two New Beast Player Erin Novels Published


I bought the original two volumes of the Beast Player Erin novels thinking that was it finished but, looks like the author released another two just last month to round off the story - The Quest Arc and The Final Arc. This suggests we could see a season two of the show since the current 50 episode series is only looking to encompass the first two novels.

I'm digging the covers for the new cheaper paper backed versions... They even go together to form a bigger front image! Now why couldn't they have these available when I decided to order them!?

Then again, I'm starting to prefer hardback copies of novels I plan to keep and since I've started started the collection with the brightly coloured covers already, I may as well keep the theme going too. Guess I'll have to import them too later! ^^;

Final two volumes of Beast Player Erin.

Anyway, it also appears the latest subbd episode of the show will be streamed on Crunchyroll every Sunday, about a day after it's shown in Japan... I was wondering why it suddenly disappeared off the fansub listings.

I'll continue summarising the show for my own reference anyway. It'll be easier for me to do comparisons between the original medium and the animated version just like I did with RideBack.



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