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P3P Website Updates, More Short Clips and Music Samples

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P3P Website Updates, More Short Clips and Music Samples

This week's Persona 3 Portable update shows a few more short video clips that help confirm most of the Anime and all in-game cutscenes are removed from this portable version of Persona 3 as speculated. As for cutscenes that do remain in the game, we can see they've been re-done such as the Tartarus tower appearing almost like a simple layered slideshow.

Aside from that, you can listen to two music samples, first being "When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars". The second sample might be the Heroine's version of it but I'm not sure. It sounds quite sweet though from what I can make out from the melody and Engrish.

There's also two wallpapers and some banners to help Atlus market the game.

No, she's not about to shoot herself.

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