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Persona 3 Portable Creator's Blog, Video Demos

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Persona 3 Portable Creator's Blog, Video Demos


It looks like the blog entries for Persona 3 Portable won't be on Atlus Net this time but on Famitsu. It must be pretty hard times for Atlus to be featured on Famitsu's site for that extra bit of traffic... Or maybe it's the other way round?

Anyway, Hashino has posted two short videos showcasing the latest version of Persona 3 on a PSP Go - Jumping between areas during the life sim part of the game and also the battles. Should tide us anticipating fans over until next Monday when the official site is open. Have a listen to the new heroine's theme songs - Not too bad.

It's revealed there will also be alternative title screens it seems.

Alternate title screens.


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